5 Top Must-Visit Hill Stations in South and Southeast Asia

Hill stations are popular destinations for all those who wish to spend their vacations away from the humdrum of modern-day life and sink into the feeling of peace and beauty. These are the places where people get the best of everything—weather, natural landscape and of course, warm coffee!

Asia is known fora number of amazing hill stations that are blessed with magnificent landscapes. Believe us, these hill stations can effortlessly sweep the floor off your feet. To make your job easy, we have curated the best ones for you in this article. We have restricted our focus to the South and Southeast Asian region!

5 Top Must-Visit Hill Stations in South and Southeast Asia

1. Baguio, the Philippines

Baguio is a beautiful hill station which is essentially a mountain town situated on the Luzon island in Southeast Asia. Known as the “city of Pines”, it attracts a huge number of visitors every year and is one of the most visited places in the country. Of course, there are many reasons which contribute to its popularity!

Baguio is blessed with a cool weather and refreshing pine-scented air. It offers many attractions such as the Burnham Park, Baguio Cathedral, Tam-awan village, etc which act asthe perfect icing to the cake.

The ideal time to visit Baguio is between March and September and between October and February.

2. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

We are talking about the largest hill station in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, which is permanently immersed in cool breeze and enriching eucalyptus scent. As visitors, you will be welcomed by mild temperatures and lovely strawberry and tea farms.

Amongst the many attractions here, you can visit in Cameron Highlands, the most notable ones include Lavender farm, Big red Strawberry farm, the Cactus Valley, Time Tunnel Museum, and Sam Poh Temple and Cameron Bharat Tea Estate. The hill station offers its visitors fun-filled trekking opportunities through its designated trails.

3. Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat is a French-styled hill station which is famously known as the city of flowers. Characterised by magnificent French villas, surreal lakes, and lovely waterfalls, the hill station draws people from all over the world. Due to its lovely weather and natural landscape, the hill station is crowned as the “City of Eternal Spring”.

If you are in Da Lat, you can visit Dambri Falls, Elephant Falls, Hang Nga Crazy House, Lonh Son Pagoda, Dalat Cathedral, Elephant Falls, and Xuan Huong Lake—all of these places are most visited places in the Vietnam region.

4. NuwaraEliya, Sri Lanka

Famously known as the City of Light, this Sri Lankan hill station is a picturesque treat with everything one could expect from an internationally popular tourist destination. It was established by the British during the colonial period and thus, you can very easily English influences. Many buildings embody British architectural influences such as Grand Hotel, Town post office, Queen’s Cottage, etc.

5. Bandarban, Bangladesh

Bandarban is one of the least populated areas in the country. Situated along the Chittagong hill tracks, the hill station features many waterfalls and other attractions such as Boga Lake, DhatiJadi, the Chimbuk Hill and the Nilgiri.

You should consider visiting the hill station during winter, but if you wish to experience the true beauty of its various waterfalls, come during the rainy season.