5 Must Try Dishes In Cambodia

Cambodia is a country covering the southern part of the Southeast Asia’s Indochina Peninsula. The country boasts of a mixed history and culture and also has a very beautiful coastline and the cuisine hence comprises of many brilliant seafood dishes. Every part of the world has some signature dishes which all visitors must have a bite at. Cambodia is no different. The list of five must try dishes in Cambodia below must help you out in your food quest there:

1. Loc Lac

loc lac

This beef dish is very popular in Cambodia and is at the top of the must try dishes there. The dish comprise of stir fired beef made in a mix of loads of soy sauce, oyster sauce and a hint of palm sugar. The dish is traditionally served with rice, though some may prefer eating it with fried eggs or even French fries.

2. Fish Amok

fish amok

Another well known Cambodian dish, Fish Amok is the name for a fish mousse. The dish is prepared with a type of Khmer paste of turmeric, shallots, lemongrass, garlic and other herbs in mix with fresh coconut milk. At some of the fine dining locations the dish is served in a steamed banana leaf.

3. Khmer Red Curry

Like most curries of the nearing regions of Thailand etc., the Khmer Red Curry is also prepared in a coconut milk base. But this curry differs from the other as it does not contain the overpowering chilly flavor. This delicious Cambodian dish has beef, fish/ chicken, beans, eggplant and potatoes etc as other components.

4. Bai Sach Chrouk

This is a pork and rice dish that you will find being served all over the streets of Cambodia. It is simple yet delicious and is one of the must try dishes. It comprises of slowly grilled thin pork slices, done so over the coals which gives the meat a natural sweetness. The pork is served with fresh pickles, ginger, daikon radish and broken rice topped with flavorsome chicken broth.

5. Kampot Pepper Crab

Kampot is a province on the southern coastline of the country known for peppercorn farms and the fresh seafood. The Kampot Pepper Crab is a lip smacking combination of these two components. The fresh sea life making the dish is the crab, which is stirred fried with loads of peppercorns. The two mix well and bring out a spicy yet sweet flavor.