9 of Vietnam’s Most Enticing Attractions

Vietnam is one of Asia’s most fascinating nations and offers a lot in natural beauty, traditions, culture, and history. There are numerous things to see and do in this wonderful country, with these being among the most popular.

1. The Cu Chi Tunnels
This historic network of tunnels, known as Cu Chi, is close to 300 miles in total length. It was built and used by the Viet Cong during the American (Vietnam War) and French Indochina wars. The complex tunnels were built with facilities such as printing presses and kitchens and even had their own street signs.

The tunnels were used by the National Liberation Front (NLF) military. You can take tours to explore these amazing tunnels which can be found in Tay Ninh, which is about 25 miles from Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Dalat
Dalat is the capital of Vietnam’s Lam Dong Province and it’s home to some intriguing tribal villages. Most of them are just outside of the city, but others such as the Chicken Village and Lat Village are home to some of the areas’ local hill tribes. You’ll actually find a huge statue of a Chicken Village.

3. Ha Long Bay
This area is easily one of the most scenic and beautiful in Vietnam. It’s located in Quang Ninh and is filled with some wonderful limestone formations, sheer cliffs, coves, arches, grottoes, and dozens of small islets. One of the best ways to explore the bay is by kayaking around it. You’ll come across some spectacular and colorful fauna and flora on your trio.

4. Du Hang Pagoda
Haiphong is Vietnam’s third-largest city after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and is often called the ‘City of Flower-lined Streets.’ You’ll find the popular Du Hang Pagoda here, which is one of the city’s oldest. It was constructed more than 300 years ago and is beautifully decorated with numerous ancient and historic furnishings.

5. The History Museum, Hanoi
The city of Hanoi offers lots to visitors. One of the best sites to learn about Vietnamese history, culture, and traditions is the History Museum. This museum deals with all eras of the nation’s long history from hundreds of years BC up until present day.

It deals with an assortment of local dynasties as well as the Khmer kingdoms. You’ll also learn of the battles against the French and Chinese as well as the story behind the Communist Party. It’s an ideal location to learn about Vietnam’s history and to understanding the country’s present.

6. Cuc Phuong National Park
Cuc Phuong National Park is about 70 miles from Hanoi and is known as a national preserve. It’s also one of the planet’s only tropical primeval forest reserves. It’s home to more than 60 fauna species as well as thousands of flora species, with many of them being extinct everywhere else in the world. You’ll see some truly bizarre animals here, such as monkey and flying lizards. The park is about 61,000 acres in size and also features some captivating grottoes, caves, and artifacts.

7. Hoi An
Hoi An was a very busy commercial port with international traders between the 1500s and 1700s. Most traders came from Europe to acquire the locally-produced, high-quality silk and ceramics. The area is now a World Heritage Sites due to its history and the wide assortment of attractions and activities that are offered in the region.

8. The Mekong River
The spellbinding Mekong is one of the world’s most famous rivers. Taking a boat tour along it will allow you to see some of Vietnam’s most beautiful scenery and interesting sites. One of the best places to start a boat trip is from Cantho. However, any of the villages or cities that offer cruises is ideal. This river has been relied on for centuries as a source of food and transportation. You’ll be able to stop at places like Sam Mountain where you’ll be treated to numerous pagodas and temples.

9. Phu Quoc Island:
This island sits in the Gulf of Thailand and is Vietnam’s largest. It’s about 25 miles from Ha Tien and just about 10 miles off of Cambodia’s south coast. It lies in Kien Giang province and belongs to a 22-island archipelago. It’s about 30 miles in length and is known locally as the Emerald Island.