Laos: The Mesmerizing Nation of Asia

When visiting Asia, you shouldn’t overlook the mesmerizing nation of Laos. This enticing country is home to approximately 6.5 million residents and is surrounded by the neighboring countries of Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

The historic roots of Laos can be traced all the way back to the 14th century during the Kingdom of Lan Xang, which lasted until the 1700s. Before gaining its independence in 1949, Laos was politically associated with France.

There’s some enthralling scenery in Laos as it’s filled with thick green forests, rugged mountains, beautiful plateaus and appealing plains. The mighty Mekong River can be found here as it forms a natural boundary between Laos and Thailand. In addition, the border with Vietnam is mainly created by the majestic Annamite Mountains.

A trip to Laos is recommended at any time of the year since it has a wonderful tropical climate. However, it can sometimes rain quite a bit between May and November as it has a monsoon season.

The city of Vientiane is nation’s capital city as well as its biggest. Some of the other charming centers to visit include Luang Prabang, Pakxe, and Savannakhet. There are 18 different provinces in Laos and they’re all well worth visiting. You’ll find the residents in all provinces are positive and friendly, and this seems to have a great affect on the majority of visitors.

Many visitors are attracted to the Luang Prabang’s Buddhist culture along with the wide variety of cuisine and history that’s available for exploring in Vientiane. Along with the intriguing cities, many visitors head to the countryside as it’s a paradise for nature lovers and is excellent for hiking and backpacking adventures.

Other popular locations include the Plain of Jars, where you’ll find an interesting combination of ancient history and modern culture, and Sainyabuli, which is well known for its elephants. If you head over to Oudomxay you’ll find a famous old cave to explore.

Traveling around Laos is quite an enjoyable adventure in itself as you can explore it by car, bus, and riverboat. In fact, if you decide to sail up the Mekong River, you’ll find some of the most peaceful and gorgeous scenery anywhere on the globe. Going by boat will enable you to witness dozens of charming villages. You’ll also be able to see local residents working the land to harvest rice.

Lao is the official language of Laos, and French is spoken in some areas due to the past association with France. However, more and more citizens are now starting to learn English, especially with more visitors touring the land each year. What might surprise you is that the median age of the nation is just 19.3, making it one of Asia’s youngest countries.

The main religion is Theravada Buddhism and this influences the nation’s culture. You’ll be able to see this in the local performing arts, literature, art, music, and language. Residents like to enjoy the arts as folk music, festivals, theater, and dance are quite popular. When it comes to local cuisine, you’ll find rice to be favourite since it represents a cultural and religious significance to Laos’ people.

There’s so much history and culture running through the veins of this great nation along with some of the earth’s most absorbing scenery.