Taipei and Its Many Attractions

The truth is that Taipei is a place that is difficult to love. It looks like it’s a real concrete jungle that comes with a lot of noise too. Nonetheless in case you take the time and start exploring the city in depth you will find some places that you will instantly fall in love with.

1. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

He was a previous premier that had to retreat to the country and he started the transition to make Taiwan as we know it today. The name of the hall was changed and then changed back in 2008. Actually the building isn’t a traditional hall, but a complex of temples. There are also the gardens that you should see, but the most important part of the complex is the massive hall and it is built of marble.

2. The Martyr’s Shrine

This is a war memorial, and as you may have guessed, it looks like a temple. The building is guarded constantly, and you may see the changing guard ceremony. Although you may think that it drags on and on for a longer period of time, it is quite impressive and it is interesting to note that the guards are always synchronized. The building is amazing and if you have the time to observe such things, you will see that the details are stunning.

3. Bao-An Temple

If you are wandering around Taipei, you may get to a small street that comes with a church that has burning joss sticks on the outside. Most probably, you have found the Taipei Confucius Temple. There is another temple right across from it, and although the other one is easier to notice, this one is worth to be seen as well. The temple was built in 1805 and you will surely see all the people walking while holding incense sticks.

4. National Palace Museum

It is no wonder that this is said to the one of the best museums of the world. There are more than 650,000 exhibits, but only a part of them are displayed. Nonetheless the exhibits that can be seen are worthwhile. A lot of them originate from the Forbidden City of Beijing and they have been kept by the Chinese Emperors. If you have a good guide, you will find out about the symbolism that the items have.

As an example, if you see the white and green colors on a jade, you should know that they refer to purity and virginity. At the same time, the grasshoppers stand for the queen and the baby. Also you will be able to see some items carved of rhinoceros horn that is long gone from Taiwan.

There are some boxes that might grab your attention and it is most interesting to observe all the small details on them not to mention that all the elements fit perfectly together.

As you can see, Taipei is the city of true treasures for the tourists.