Malaysia and its affordable Shopping Hubs

Shopping is one of the favorite activities for most of the people all over the globe when you go for a holiday or a vacation irrespective of gender. Malaysia is a land with affluence of all kinds of items, starting from clothes to decorative items and unique gadgets. However, here things are very expensive and you drop the idea of shopping even though you ardently want to take back some home. Good news is that Malaysia also has some markets where you can get pocket friendly items. Although you still need to bargain there to get a decent deal, but these hubs would not demand a cut throat price and you can consider buying gift items or souvenirs from these shopping hubs.


List of affordable shopping destinations in Malaysia:

  1. The Curve- Located at West Kuala Lumpur, it beats many of its competitors with its indoor and outdoor layout. It has a huge range of al fresco dining and pedestrianized walkways to walk around for shopping.
  2. Mid Valley Megamall- It is one of Malaysia’s popular malls for its abundance of affordable shopping. It also has a huge array of stores and restaurants. If you get hungry while going for shopping then you will also get two food courts in the mall where you can relish some yummy food.
  3. Petaling Street Market- It is the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown and buzzes with life. This market is full of tourist trinkets, T-shirts, electronics and DVDs. If you are a tech freak then you should surely visit this place.
  4. Central Market- Art lovers can visit this market for a huge array of contemporary arts. You will get to choose from a wide variety of art designs which you can take to your home and add a beauty to your interiors.
  5. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur- It is known much for its shopping and dining places with a range of casual places and fine dining restaurants.

Above were few shopping destination where you can hop down to go for an affordable shopping but since these are all venue, and there is one such time when you can go for heart full of shopping then it’s the Malaysia year end sale and there you will get almost everything of your choice. Make sure you check the items very carefully before taking it home as these sellers offer wholesale items that might get damaged while transit.