5 Maid Cafes in Akihabara (Japan) to visit

Japan is a country with a lot of kawaii stuff for people. Here are so many things that you may find weird at first, but if you get down to experience them, you might change your mind. It is not easy to resist the temptations—anime, J-pop, and of course, maid cafes—that have made Japan so phenomenally famous. Thus, we thought we should pick up one of those things for our article.

Maid cafes, as the name suggests, are cafes with waitresses donning costumes, usually that of French maids’, and serving customers with cutely-embellished delicacies. From pastries to hot chocolate, everything these maid cafes serve come with an added touch of cuteness and love.

5 Maid Cafes in Akihabara (Japan) to visit

So, if you are ready to explore the bizarre but insanely cute world of maid cafes, here we begin with those situated in the hub of Otakus and gamers, Akihabara.

1. @home café

Presently, @home café is the most popular café in Akihabara. If you love anything which is ‘moe’ or kawaii, then this is the café for you.

You will be welcomed to this café by cutely dressed and utterly sweet maids who would address you as Master. In case you are there for the first time, you will get a Licence Card known as the Majesty Card. When you are about to leave the café, the maids will remind you cutely that you should not forget to come back.

The café allows customers to talk with maids, perform playful acts and what not. The food served is really delicious and will remind you of anything adorable.

Other activities in the café include getting an instant photo with one of their maids for 500 yen or playing games with a maid.

2. Maidreamin

Maidreamin stands out from other cafes since it stresses on colorful and cool feeling. Here you will stumble upon both waiters and waitresses serving you as butlers and maids. Thus, the café gives both male and female customers equal opportunity to enjoy their meals with whosoever they want.

The café organizes a small but special ceremony before getting orders, which is totally amazing. Then, you also get to enjoy delicious food and drinks embellished with adorable patterns such as cats and bears.

Two great benefits of visiting the café are that it offers both an English menu and free WiFi facility!

3. Pinafore

It is all pink and smiles here at Pinafore café. It is one place where smiles never fade away and service remains top-class until you leave the place.

Pinafore is an amazing café with maid “fairies” preparing meals, parfaits, and cocktails. Customers are even allowed to take a sneak-peek into the kitchen.

4. Mia-café

Charting at number four, Mia-café is a place where angels don the outfits of maids and serve humans to their hearts’ content.

The café does not run a much helpful English website, but the menu is offered in simple and understandable English as well as Mandarin. It also has a few English-speaking staff members to assist non-Japanese speakers in making orders.

Apart from the aforesaid services, the café also provides a photo shoot service where you can get clicked and feel awesome.

5. Cure Maid Café

Cure Maid Café is apparently the first Maid café to open in Akihabara. Due to its reputation and traditional set-up, tourists love spending some of their time in this quiet café. The menu is wide-ranging, with a little touch of European taste and periodic special dishes to offer customers something new.

If you are here at Cure Maid Café, do not forget to try out their tea and desserts. Oh, yes, you will love Earl Grey tea!