Loy Krathong Celebration Postponed

If you have any connection to Thailand or Buddhism, for sure you know that the spiritual leader of the country, the head of Buddhism and the friend of the Dalai Lama passed away at the age of 100. This is considered to be a great loss for the country and this is why the Prime Minister decided to extend the 15 day national mourning period to 30 days, which will end on 23 November.

Loy Krathong Celebration Postponed

The Effects

In order to mourn the loss, all dance shows, live music shows, and other entertainment venues will be postponed. In the same time the tourists have been asked to behave appropriately, not to be wearing any bright colors when entering temples or the Grand Palace. Now this is more important than even before to behave appropriately.

Will the Date of the Loy Krathong be Changed?

A lot of people got confused because of the national mourning period. Loy Krathong is known to be one of the most beautiful and most popular festivals of the country. It was supposed to take place on 17 November. According to official information, this will be the first year when the festival will be postponed. Until this moment there was no new date chosen, but for sure it will take place after 23 November.


Such a change is a big problem for a lot of tourist because many of them plan their vacations to make sure that they will be in Thailand during the festival, which is known for releasing lanterns in the sky. Some of the residents of Chiang Mai say that they will release lanterns regardless of what the officials say and they will place floating candles on the river on 17 November. However, you should know that the temples won’t participate in the celebrations and there will be no fireworks, so the festival won’t be as spectacular as in the past years.

Latest News

Officials added that some of the celebrations will take place regardless of the national mourning period and people are allowed to celebrate as they wish. Although the fireworks will be cancelled, you can be sure that there will be a lot of people releasing karthongs and lanterns on 17 November.

You should know that the fact that the festival is cancelled is something like having Christmas cancelled for the western civilizations: it has a big impact on people’s lives and on tourism as well.