Top 5 Low Cost Restaurants in Hong Kong

Every country, or to be specific, every city offers good things for both luxury travelers and budget travelers. If we talk about budget travelers, from accommodation to food, they look for some low rated but quality things. So when you travel to Hong Kong and decided to save money on food, then you will have to search for cheap low cost restaurants, in terms of money, but not the quality of food. In Hong Kong, food is the most passionate thing and offers some great delicacies. From street food to restaurants there are multiple options to select and enjoy the taste.

Top 5 Low Cost Restaurants in Hong Kong

We now list down the top 5 low-cost restaurants in Hong Kong:

  1. Tak Fat Beef Ball:

If you are a beef and Chinese food lover, then Tak Fat Beef Ball at the Haiphong Road Temporary Market is the best place to have the lowest price. While you walk past the butchers, flower stalls and vegetable vendors, you’ll come across this small noodle stall. The star of the stall is Beef Balls, which is served in the rich and light broth along with optional beef tripe or brisket. It comes with flavors of ginger and dried tangerine peel. You can have this for your lunch or dinner.

  1. Shake ’em Buns:

If you’re in a mood to have some burger after a tiring day, then Shake ’em Buns at the2D Star Street is the best option. From North Carolina to Hong Kong, it had a long journey.  Here you can have some great options for food, including burgers served with fries, milkshakes and other American food items. Though the restaurant is quite small with few tables to sit, but it is the best option for cheap food. You can have Burger and fries for HK $150.

  1. Tung Po:

This most visited seafood restaurant at the Java Road Municipal Service Building is run by Robby Cheung, who is famed for his wacky hairstyles and white rubber willies. Customers walk in to have some cheap but delicious food items including deep-fried pig’s trotters, razor clams (especially delicious with black bean sauce), squid ink pasta with cuttlefish balls, fried chicken, and other options. Many known customers pre-order their food to avoid waiting. The unique thing about the restaurant is beer served in bowls and napkins are rolled in toilet paper. The meal price starts at HK$150.

  1. Paisano’s:

This Italian food restaurant is known for serving pizza by the slice or 24-inch pie. This NYC imported item is widely accepted by customers and tourists. There are half a dozen of sit down restaurants across Hong Kong run by Paisano’s family. The small pepperoni pizza served is for HK$115.

  1. Lin Heung Tea House:

Running its business since 1920, the tea house is known for serving the best tea and delicacies at the lowest price. Some regulars own their tables reserved in the morning itself. This is among the few places where dim sum is pushed on the trolley. If you are sitting far from the kitchen, then it won’t reach you as a customer will throng over it. Instead, go for self-serving. Cooked to order is wisely recommended along with old-fashioned dishes like eight treasures duck braised and stuffed with rice, chestnuts, mushrooms, lotus nuts, etc.