9 of Langkawi Island’s Most Popular Attractions

The wonderful destination of Langkawi is a 99-island archipelago which lies on the west coast of Malaysia. The islands are surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters while the interiors feature picturesque hills, coconut trees, and jungles.

The main island is ideal for scuba diving and plenty of other fun-filled activities. These are some of the most popular attractions in Langkawi.

1. Underwater World

Langkawi Islands Attractions (photo credit: bupia)

If you really want to explore some of the islands wildlife, the best place to visit is Underwater World in Pantai Cenang. It’s regarded as Malaysia’s best manmade attraction . It features 100 tanks which house 500 different species of sea creatures and animals.

There are three different sections to the park and there’s also a 50-foot tunnel tank which you can walk through and features giant stingrays, green turtles, and sharks.

2. The Cable Car and Skybridge

The Cable Car and Skybridge(photo credit: rsp)

This scenic 20-minute trip takes you past some of the island’s most beautiful views. You’ll ascend in a gondola and see the lush mountainside greenery.

Tickets can be purchased at the Oriental Village, which is a picturesque French style Chinese community. The Skybridge is located at the top of the mountain. It’s a curved suspension bridge that offers more excellent views of the surrounding area.

3. Galleria Perdana

Galleria Perdana(photo credit: Cecil Lee)

This interesting museum is located in Pantai Kok and is home to numerous gifts which were presented to Tun Dr. Mahatir, the nation’s former prime minister. It’s an ideal site to learn about Malaysia’s political system and history. Many of the gifts were offered by famous leaders from a variety of nations.

You’ll find a superb collection of vehicles and some Malay wooden architecture. In addition, there’s an outside greenhouse which features a variety of plants from many different parts of the globe.

4. Dataran Lang

Dataran Lang(photo credit: dcab2)

This attraction is also named the Eagle Square. It’s a huge 40-foot tall monument which is carved into a sea eagle as it prepares to fly away. It’s located in Kuah next to the town’s jetty and it welcomes visitors as they arrive to Langkawi. The monument is surrounded by bridges, terrace, and landscaped ponds.

5. The Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park

Langkawi Bird Paradise(photo credit: georgwittberger)

This amazing wildlife center is located in Pantai Kok. The tropical park is home to 150 different types of exotic birds, such as hornbills, flamingos, and toucans. It’s fine to come here on a rainy day since all of the paths and hikes are well covered to keep you dry.

6. Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman

Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman(photo credit: ravikiranr)

This is another attraction located in Kuah. It’s a 50-hectare theme park which is really a beautiful landscaped garden. There are 17 different statues here which represent some of the island’s fables and myths as well as a narrow manmade beach and four lakes.

7. The Sungai Kilim Nature Park

Sungai Kilim Nature Park(photo credit: andresv)

This splendid nature park lies next to the Kilim River. A tour here will allow you close-up views of sea eagles and brahminy kites. You’ll also view some exceptional mangrove swamps. You can catch a tour boat at the pier and sail down the river to the swamps which feature beautiful lush flora and fauna.

8. Mahsuri’s Tomb

Mahsuri's Tomb(photo credit: zonesdesign)

Mahsuri’s Tomb is located in Padang Matsirat. It’s actually a historical complex which is the home to a Malay princess who was sentenced to death after being accused of adultery. The complex features a traditional Malaysian house as well as a theater where you can enjoy local musical shows.

9. The Al-Hana Mosque

Al-Hana Mosque(photo credit: olga_oslina)

This magnificent golden domed mosque lies in the town of Kuah. It is built in an intricate Moorish style. The mosque is quite mysterious and you can find carvings and motifs here that originate from Uzbekistan. It’s the largest and most popular mosque on Langkawi Island.


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