7 Useful Practical Tips for Travelling in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most sought after destination in Israel by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike and offers an array of sights and experiences to entice and satisfy the traveler. Find below a few tips that will help you when you are in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem traveling tips

1. Expect a strict security check at the airport and all other places. Therefore, always allow about 2 hours more than the time for your check in, when you are going away from Jerusalem, to allow for unforeseen delays.

2. Always carry your passport, visa and other documents with you as security is tight inside the city as well and you may be required to produce your identity proof in addition to answering questions about your intention and intended period of stay.

3. Although past terrorist action has never targeted tourists in the city, it is a good idea to consult the foreign office in your country and get up to date information before visiting the city as many times suicide bombers have disturbed the peace of the city.

4. Plan your visit between Monday to Thursday. This is so because Friday to Sunday the religious sites are either closed or with restricted access. Friday is the Muslim day for prayers, Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath day and Sunday is the Christian day for rest.

5. Dress conservatively – Women should wear tops that cover their body fully and either skirts or long loose trousers. A headscarf is a good idea too.

6. It can get scorching hot during summers and extremely chilly during winters. Therefore, be sure to wear appropriate clothing.

7. For the foreign tourist, the ‘new city’ might be a better option to lodge in than the ‘old city’. Also do not venture out alone in the night as an important measure towards your own safety.

Following these tips you can have an enjoyable trip to Jerusalem. Stay legally clear and ready with your identity documents always in the country.

Photo Credit By:  en.wikipedia.org