8 of Japan’s Most Popular Destinations

When it comes to famous traditions and cultures, the small island of Japan in Southeast Asian often comes to people’s minds. The nation, with a population of about 128 million people, is also filled with some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and some spectacular scenery.

There are actually close to 7,000 islands that make up Japan, but the 4 main ones of Kyushu, Hokkaido, Honshu, and Skikoku make up mostly all of the country’s land area. There are hundreds of cultural and historical attractions to visit in Japan. These are among the most fascinating.

1. Tokyo
Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and is regarded as the nation’s heartbeat. It’s home to dozens of wondrous attractions, traditional architecture, and historic and cultural sites. Amongst the most popular destinations in the city are the National Museum, Tokyo Tower, the American Village, and the Imperial Palace. You’ll find dozens of excellent galleries, shops, museums, and restaurants that will keep you occupied for hours and hours.

2. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial
This famous memorial honors all of the residents who suffered both during and after Hiroshima’s bombing in the Second World War. It was constructed to remind the world the devastation that Hiroshima suffered. This historical site also symbolizes world peace and hope while reminding people of the horrors of war.

3. Osaka Castle
The amazing Osaka is home to the historic Osaka Castle as well as numerous traditional Japanese buildings. The World Heritage site Himeji Castle is only about 20 miles away and is well worth a visit. This castle was erected from the 14th to 17th centuries. You’ll also find Kobe nearby, which is a city that’s famous around the world for the delicious type of beef produced there.

4. Yokohama
Yokohama is about 30 minutes by train outside of Tokyo and is a gorgeous port city. It features some magnificent foreign-influenced architecture as well as one of the biggest Chinatowns on the globe. Minato Mirai is quite a popular area of the city as you’ll find a huge Ferris wheel there, as well as some excellent shopping opportunities. The views of the bay are tremendous from the top of the Ferris wheel.

5. Hakone/Mount Fuji
The city of Hakone is located about 2 hours from Tokyo. It provides visitors with some unbelievable views of the famous Mount Fuji. You’ll also find numerous hiking hills and there’s a cable car which you can tour the area from. In addition, local residents can be found boiling eggs in volcanic water pools. These are known to be a local delicacy.

6. Nikko National Park
The beautiful 540-square-mile Nikko National Park houses some of Japan’s most attractive lakes, moorland, waterfalls, mountain peaks, lakes, and ancient forests. It’s easy to see why it’s such a popular area with residents and visitors. The park also has hot mineral spas along with recreational and sports facilities for activities such as boating, camping, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing, and boating.

7. Hokkaido
Hokkaido is Japan’s northernmost island. It has some gorgeous natural beauty and landscapes. It’s a popular spot in the summers since there’s not much rain and the temperatures are nice and warm. However, once the winters arrive it becomes one of the nation’s most popular destinations for skiing. You’ll also find there are numerous hot springs on Hokkaido.

8. Kyoto
This wonderful city used to be the capital of Japan many years ago and is generally regarded as the cradle of history and culture of the nation. Kyoto is overflowing with some exceptional museums, temples, traditional buildings and shrines. The natural beauty of the surrounding area is also second to none.