Japan Subtropical Islands Guide

Japan is famous for tradition, earthquakes and technology but there are so many other things tempting those keen on travel. For example Ogasawara Archipelago was recently declared a World Heritage site and the world is only now discovering the beauty of amazing beaches and welcoming resorts.

The Islands


There are two inhabited island that are opened for the tourists. Chichi-jima is more developed and here you can arrive by ferry from Tokyo. You will be offered restaurants and accommodation and you can spend quality time on the beautiful beaches.


Haha-jima is the wilder option. If you want a solitary, close to nature experience this is the place for you.

Under Water

Under Water

Diving and snorkeling are worth trying on all the islands from the Ogasawara Archipelago. You can dive to see beautiful reefs where manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins and whales are at home. The best diving expeditions can be booked on Chichi-jima and during them you can explore the waters around the island and also the surroundings of Minami-jima, Hyotan-jima and Hirashima.

For snorkeling you should choose Tsuri-hama and Miyano-hamain the north side of Chichi-jima. Here the corals are more visible because of the rocky aspect of the shore line.

Whale Watching

Between January and March this is the ideal place in Japan to see and listen to the song of the humpback whales. The weather is not exactly welcoming this time of the year but the experience is worth it.  Sperm whales can also be seen here from May to November. You simply have to book a whale watching tour from your tour operator.


There are small islands that are only accessible via kayak. In order to reach them and enjoy their pristine beauty you will have to book a sea kayaking trip. For 10000 yen/day you can hire the equipment, the guide and also enjoy a good meal.

Exploring the Nature

If you are fond of hiking you can take the challenge to explore amazing forests, do some bird watching and admire from viewpoints placed at stunning heights, the beauty of the sea breaking against steep cliffs.


For those looking for a relaxing time, swimming is the ideal thing to do while on the island. The best places for swimming are on the west side on Chichi-jima. Copepe and Kominato-kaigan are the best coves for this activity and from Kominato-kaigan you can reach by foot the white sands of John Beach.