Important Tips for an all Women Trip to Turkey!

Turkey is indeed an exciting and beautiful destination to explore, because of its rich history, astonishingly beautiful landscape and a lot of adventures for the traveller. It is very safe for women to visit Turkey as long as they keep your senses alert and take some basic precautions. It is very important to understand the culture of the place before you visit so that you know what to do and what not to do. Here are some tips which would really be useful for women travelling to Turkey:

tips for an all women trip to turkey

Dress Formally

It is important to note that Turkish people are used to dressing in more formal and less casual attire. You should have your knees covered and the neckline should be high. If you are visiting a mosque, make sure to carry something to cover your hair as it is mandatory to do so! Get hold of some long skirts, loose jeans and high neckline T-shirts in order to pack your luggage for this trip.

Know the Mosque Etiquette

Istanbul has a lot of beautiful mosques where you would visit and hence, know the basic etiquettes which you need to follow. Keep your hair, shoulders and knees covered and make sure you take off your shoes. You can purchase the scarf needed for covering your hair from the Grand bazaar as you will find some of the best ones over there.

Behave like a Local

Act more socially reserved and not like a wild and grooving person who is friendly with everyone. Do not smile on men at street and refrain from hugging acquaintances as it is a simple fact that greeting gestures have different meaning at every place. Show respect to locals and do not get into a fight with anyone.

Carry Enough Toilet Paper

It might be a surprise, but toilet paper is not easily available in Turkey. It is indeed a very essential thing to have and hence, make sure you carry ample supplies with you.

Learn Basic Turkish

Make sure you learn some basic words in Turkish so that you can ask for help and in general, get friendly with the locals so that they assist you in case you are having difficulties or confusions. It is also important to know the language so that you do not face difficulties at enquiry counters where an English speaking person is not available.