How to Use US Currency in Asia

One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to traveling is foreign currency. Some people say that it is best to have the currency of your destination country because you can never know what happens and you should have funds for emergencies.

How to Use US Currency in Asia

Where can you use American dollars?

If you are traveling to Asia, there are some countries where you don’t necessarily need to exchange your money for the local currency. These locations include Laos, Cambodia, East Timor, and Vietnam. Before hitting the road you should gather some information about the current exchange rates to make sure that you won’t be scammed.

ATM Machines

It’s not a good idea to carry large amounts of money with you. One of the ways to exchange dollars is to use the ATM machine. The majority of these machines come with different currencies, so you just have to select the amount you would like to exchange and you will have instant cash.

Credit Cards

Although it might seem difficult to believe, in some cases you can use your credit card even if you are in a foreign country. While some credit card offers are advantageous, there are some that you should avoid to use because you will have to pay large commissions.

Traveler’s Checks

If you have traveler’s checks, there is nothing for you to be worried about. However, you have to remember that this kind of peace of mind comes with a cost.  You have to think about whether you are ready to pay a higher price just to be able to pay in another country.

Carry Some Cash

Often tourists are advised against carrying a lot of cash with them, but you should always have dollars with you when traveling in Asia. Don’t forget that some of the countries prefer doing business with dollars instead of their own currency. Another aspect to consider is that you should always have new bills with you because some people might not accept old ones.

Exchange Rates

In many cases the prices of the goods are expressed both in dollars and in local currency. If not, you should ask the merchant both the prices. It is a common scam to say that the prices are expressed in local currency but when you are ready to pay the merchant will say that in fact the prices are expressed in dollars. These are the situations you have to be careful about.