How to Shop Smart When Traveling to Asia

Doing some shopping in Asia can be a relaxing and fun activity, but you should be prepared for facing some difficulties. In order to make sure that you will succeed with shopping, there are some tips that you shouldn’t forget about.

How to Shop Smart When Traveling to Asia

Look Out for Fakes

Regardless whether you’re looking for perfumes or cigars, you can be sure that someone came up with a way to create some cheap imitations. You can be sure that you are faced with a fake if the price is very low. Also you should remember that fakes can make their way in shopping centers as well, not only to the street markets.

Shop Around

Although you might be tempted to buy souvenirs from the first street market you find just to get things over with, it is a good idea to shop around. Most probably you will find the same item in the next shop. In some cases the items are arranged identically, but the prices may differ.


Negotiation isn’t common in the western regions, but in Asia it is a way of life. The merchants just love negotiation and you should get familiar with it as well. Don’t forget that the starting prices are usually bumped because the merchants expect buyers to negotiate.

Be Courteous

Since you are coming from a western country, there will be a lot of people who will try to sell things to you, no matter what. Although at a point it could all become annoying, don’t forget that they are trying to feed their families, so you should do your best to smile and to be courteous.

Responsible Shopper

You can find many souvenirs made of animal skin or bone, and in some cases we are talking about endangered species. These are the products that you should avoid to buy. In the same time there are a lot of items that are produced in China but sold in other countries. It is better to buy souvenirs from local artisans.

Watch Your Pockets

It is just normal for you to have some money with you when going shopping. Locals know this as well, so you should make sure that your funds are protected. Keep your money hidden and divide your funds so you won’t have to pull it all out when you buy something.

The tips you can use for safe shopping are mainly common sense, but that doesn’t mean they are also common knowledge.