How to Get a Visa Extension in Phucket?

In case you are in Phuket and your visa is close to its expiration date but you just aren’t ready to go home yet, there are some ways for you to extend the period of your visa. However, you should start working on it as soon as possible to make sure that you will have everything ready in time.

How to Get a Visa Extension in Phucket

Immigration Offices

In the city there are two immigration offices where you can apply for an extension. The main one can be found in Phuket Town and it is open from 8:30 am to 16:30 pm and there is a lunch break between 12:00 and 13:00. You have to make sure that you get to the office before 15:30 because no paperwork requiring a fee is processed after that time.

The Beach

In case you are staying on one of the west coast beaches, the immigration office on Patong beach is closer to you. This is open on weekdays between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Although this office was closed in the past, in June it got reopened.


If you have a 30 days transit visa, you have the possibility to extend it with another seven days. The 60 days tourist visas can be extended by 30 days at any of the above mentioned two immigration offices. The fee that you will have to pay is of 1,900 baht and it is a must for you to have a passport size photo of yourself. In case you don’t have one, there is a shop behind the office that can make you one.

Tourist Police

Regardless to which immigration office you go, you will find Tourist police volunteers who will help you do all the paperwork and they will answer all the questions you might have before you actually talk to an official. You have to take into consideration that some of the nationalities aren’t eligible for such extensions.

Longer Stay

If you would like to stay for even longer than your visa extension, you will have to have a trip outside Thailand and arrange for a new visa. The easiest way to do this is to go to Ranong and Burma. All you have to do is to leave Thailand for a short while and return and you will be eligible for a new visa.

Getting an extension is not difficult, but you have to make sure that all your paperwork is in order.

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