Hong Kong – The Culinary Side You Should Experience

For the foodies of the world exploring the culinary side of Hong-Kong is always a challenge. In case you plan to enjoy both the old and the new in the specific cuisine of this town here are the markers to guide you on your journey.

The Morning Tea

A cup of lai-cha (milk tea) in the morning can warm the heart and refresh the spirit especially when combined with a pineapple bun freshly baked. You can also try the yin-yang tea –coffee mixed with tea and milk served next to heavily buttered toast with lemon and honey.

The Local Touch on Traditional Food

Goose and pork knuckles are part of the traditional Chinese cuisine. Here they are glazed and the spice combination is a bit different. Family eateries, a long lasting tradition, are hidden among dried fish stands, fruit stands, traditional bakeries and noodle shops. Much like Filipino street vendors that park along the road selling yummy treats, the food in Hong Kong is quick and convenient. The busy city is known for having delicious cuisine available in a moment’s notice.  You can find traditional Chinese food in local shopping centers, plazas, and occasionally in luxury Hong Kong hotels. While visiting China it is highly recommended to stop by this famous city. Getting a taste for authentic Chinese food is an experience in itself!

Traditional Noodle Making

Overseeing the preparation of traditional noodles is a treat to watch with the multitude of strains, special kitchen knives and woks. The process is done in plain sight like the most of Asian cuisine and it seems a lot simpler that it actually is.

The Traditional Food Stands

The food stands, Hong-Kong cafés and stores are in the same place for decades. Businesses are ran in the family and the amount of food and tea cooked and boiled in a day is beyond anything you would see anywhere else in China.

The Hong Kong Lunch Style

Fried noodles or beef soup with crushed tomatoes can become a hearty dish, especially when , you the traveler are sitting among the multitude of locals eating next to the stall and speaking colorful Cantonese in a manner only locals can.

The Afternoon

Sugarcane juice in liquid or jelly form can be used as an interesting refresher. The tradition advises you to consume medicinal tea or herbal jelly for the same refreshing purpose but it might be possible for you to need some tasteacquiring.

The Other Side of Hong Kong

Putting the tradition aside, you can experience the savant mixture between Cantonese cuisineand western elements. Dinners tend to have a cosmopolite air and the savant combination of elements makes everything extremely tempting.

Places to be in case you are a Foodie Traveler

Visit Northern Chinese restaurant for the infamous Peking Duck, the red sail boat Aqualuna for a refreshing cocktail and Temple Street Night Market for a midnight snack.