Gear up for a Budget Travel in Cambodia

Cambodia in South East Asia is a destination that attracts tourists to the temple complex of Angkor Wat which is a UNESCO site. However, Cambodia has a lot more to offer like, the helpful native Cambodians, rich cultural history, lip-smacking food with a Cambodian twist, beautiful coastlines and the best part is the irresistible night life that sets Cambodia apart from the other holiday destinations. Though travelling in Cambodia is not very expensive but still if you are tight on your budget then below given tips will surely be of great help to you:

cambodia budget travel tips

Budget Travel Tips to Cambodia

Share a Double Room with a Friend

It is convenient to make a friend and share a double bed room for a cheaper price instead of paying for the Guesthouse dorm beds that costs between $3-10 USD per night or hotel rooms with AC, TV and other facilities that costs between $12-22 USD. It is better to share the room instead of spending your money for a luxurious accommodation in Cambodia.

Cheap Options for Transportation

There are a lot of options to explore, such as, Motorcycle taxis for 5-10 km ride will only charge $1. Motorcycle Tuk Tuks can offer you a short ride for $1. Buses are accessible anywhere in the area under $10 USD. Renting a driver for a day will cost you around $15-20 USD. You can even take lift from drivers in trucks or cars.

Buffet System for Food at Cheaper Rates

Street food from local vendors is about $1-2 USD per meal. Normal restaurant meals are about $3-5 USD per meal. Western meals are also available in luxury restaurants for $5-10 USD. Some really delectable world class food is sure to amaze you in Phnom Phenbetween $8-10 USD. But, the best is to have food like   crispy fried tarantula, barbequed baby birds, chicken sticks, etc. from a local street vendor that will cost under 50 cents.

Other Activities can also be Done at Budget

Entrance fees to visit parks, temples and museums can cost from $2 to $20 for a single pass for one day. You can rent a Tuk Tuk for the whole day for visiting temples and other sites for only $13.

Thus travelling to Cambodia is not very expensive and the near to the ground cost of food and lodging makes it a great budget friendly travel destination.