Treat for Food Lovers- Top 5 Food Cities in Asia

Asia is not just the largest continent in the world but is also one which is the most culturally varied one. From the people to the religions and from the languages to the food, there is a huge diversity in each aspect of this continent. Asia is particularly known for the many food items and cuisines it has to offer to the world. If you are travelling to Asia for its food, then you must definitely know about its top food cities and following given is the list of the same:

food cities in Asia

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is not just a favorite travel destination for many but also the best food city in the world. It offers many cuisines of foods from around the world and also has some of the best restaurants in Asia. From Indian restaurants to Chinese ones and from delectable street food to fine dining, it offers great options for all kinds of foodies.

2. Hong Kong

This is a traveler’s dream destination not just for the high rise buildings but also for its food.  It is a melting pot of many cuisines from around the world and features some of the best chef led restaurants in Asia.  A lot of the top restaurants in the world happen to be in Hong Kong.

3. New Delhi, India

For those who love spicy food, New Delhi is the place to be in. with the fine dining scene rising in the city and merging with the street food culture, there is something for everyone in this Indian capital. It is known for its traditional dishes, its resident foodies and some of the high rated 5 star hotel restaurants in Asia.

4. Singapore

Nine out of the best Asia restaurants are found in Singapore and this makes it one of the best food cities in Asia.  This is a modern city which offers delectable Indian food, Chinese food, Italian and even Japanese.  From sea food to yummy desserts, you can find everything to satisfy your craving for something delicious in this world class city of Asia.

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Foodies totally love this city in Malaysia and for many reasons.  It offers many varieties of cuisines not just for Asians but also many other people from around the world. From Vietnamese to Malay cuisine and from India cuisine to Chinese, you can find many varieties here.