5 Most Famous Foods in Asia You Should Definitely Try Out

Asia is one continent where diversity is just the beginning. Here you will find numerous cultures, languages, and beliefs that may end up baffling you, especially if you come from a relatively homogenously constituted country. What will surprise you the most is the variety of food you get to eat here in Asia. So, if you are a big-time foodie, Asia is one destination you cannot miss out on.

In this article, we have, with great difficulty, shortlisted best food items in Asia. While much of the choice of food depends on one’s taste, the list is a general one and about those which are most popularly consumed.

5 most famous foods in Asia you should definitely try out

So, where are 5 most famous foods in Asia you should certainly check out:

1. Fish balls

Fish Balls are basically pressed or pulverized fish meatballs which are eaten as a soup or on a stick and are usually available nearly everywhere in Asia. They are served steamed, fried or cooked and are regarded as cheap but mouth-watering snacks for many people.

The popularity of fish balls can never be overstated. They are best enjoyed with kway tewo noodles, rice or tofu; if you do not want any additional touch-up, eat them as they are.

2. Hainanese Chicken Rice

The dish is majorly popular in Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Singapore. It is essentially a plain white, boiled chicken which is served with condiments such as eggs, cucumber, and lettuce and rice. Interestingly, the dish is among the least spicy Asian dishes.

You can get the dish served with a broth. Sometimes your dips will comprise sweet soy, ginger or chopped chili as seasonings. Whatever the case might be, the Hainanese Chicken Rice will undoubtedly be one of the best things you would have tasted in Asia.

3. Spring Rolls

It is impossible that you do not know about them—you must have at least heard of them. Spring Rolls are among the most finger-licking good dishes out there in the world, and most of the love comes from Asia.

Many people know spring rolls to come from China, but experts would tell you the amazing taste of Vietnamese rolls. Now, spring rolls are no longer confined to the Chinese territory and can be found in many forms in various parts of Asia such as India, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The ingredients of the rolls will naturally differ according to the common tastes of the people in the country you are talking about. Indians eat fried and spicy versions of these rolls whereas Taiwanese eat those which are not fried.

4. Tom Yum

The dish belongs to Thailand, but it popularly transcends the Thai territory. It is a very famous dish which you can conveniently find in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia and takes many forms such as that of an appetizer, main dish or thin soup. You can eat it with or without rice, but you are sure to feel content after having eaten the whole.

5. Chicken Curry

We have saved the best one for the last: Chicken Curry. It is a ubiquitously known dish which is loved by all kinds.

The chicken curry became famous with the use of spices which come straight from Asia. There are many variations of curry powder you will find, but the most famous ones come from Thailand and India. You can eat it with or without rice, or add some chappattis to make your day good and fulfilling!

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