7 Surprising Facts about Armenia

Armenia is a nation which is a former soviet republic and lies close to Asia and Europe. It is characterized by many religious sites and tourist attractions and has had an interesting history. It may not be one of the popular or known places in the world but there are many things and facts about it that may seem surprising to you. The following is a list of 7 facts about Armenia which you may not be aware of.

facts about armenia

1. Chess is One of the Compulsory Subjects in Schools

One fact about Armenia which may take you by surprise is that chess is a compulsory subject in schools in this country.  Even exams are held to test the chess playing abilities of students!

2. Armenia was the First Ever Nation to have Adopted Christianity as its State Religion

It is interesting to know that this was the first ever country to have adopted Christianity as its state religion.  In this country, about 97% people are Christians.

3. The First Ever Church to be Built in the World was in Armenia

Most of you wouldn’t know that the first church that was ever built in the world was in Armenia.  This church is known as Holy Etchimiadzin and was built in the 4th century.

4. Armenia is only Mono Ethnic Country in the World

Since 97% of the people here are Christians, this country is the only mono ethnic country in the world. The rest of the 3% is composed of ethnic minorities like Kurds, Russians and Yazidis etc.

5. Armenia is among the Oldest Wine Producing Countries in the World

Armenia is blessed to have many fertile valleys that produce wine and it infact was one of the oldest to start producing wine on a large scale.

6. 5 Million Armenians were Killed during Genocide

In the year 1915, mass killings of Armenians were done under the Ottoman rule and about 1.5 million people of this country died.   This genocide happened during and after the First World War.

7. Armenia is the only Country which Bakes Lavash in Underground Tonir

Armenians are very fond of eating lavash and is the only nation in the world to bake it in an underground tonir or oven.  Lavash cooked with such a method can be kept for 1 year before it turns bad.  Bulk of lavash can be prepared in underground tonirs.