Essential Items To Be Carried For A Phuket Holiday

Travelling to Phuket? Look forward to a wonderful time in the sand and sea. Here is a checklist of things you should carry to make your trip more comfortable. However, the priority of essentials vary with individual but this list is prepared keeping in mind all the general necessities of a travel, so its surely going to be a real help to you.

Power Adaptor

  • Power Adaptor: The electricity in Thailand runs at 220 volts at 50Hz. If you are carrying any equipment that is not compatible with this voltage, then be sure to carry an adaptor for the same.
  • Mosquito Repellent: Unless you want to spend the night awake in the company of mosquitoes, do carry a phial of mosquito repellent and use it liberally.
  • Sunscreen: When in Phuket, you cannot say no to the sun and sea. Carry a good Sunblock cream with an SPF 25 or above, preferably water proof.
  • Light Clothing: Phuket weather is mostly warm and humid. Carry a few changes of light cotton clothing, but not too many as you will not be left with space to carry any of your shopping back. Phuket is filled with shopping options for cotton clothes, and you definitely would not like to miss that option. Carry T-shirts and shorts besides a swimming costume. For footwear, flip-flops or backless sandals, even though they might look very attractive might not be such a good option, as sudden downpours are a common feature and may leave your feet dangerously slippery. Instead, carry open sandals to protect your feet.
  • Umbrella/ Raincoat: It makes good sense to carry a light folding umbrella or a raincoat with you as frequently you get caught in sudden showers.
  • Travel Medicine: carry a few medicines like antacids and antiseptic creams. Food in Thailand is often spicy and cause gastric or acidity problems. Although most chemists sell all kinds of medicines, it is best to carry your own for emergency.

The above items in your packing will ensure that you are not shopping for these essentials in Phuket, that you could have carried with you and at a much cheaper price as being a tourist destination, the prices you might have to dole out could be expensive.

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