7 Places to Go During Indian Monsoon

Although in the majority of the cases, the tourists are trying to avoid having trips during the monsoon season, but still there are some places that are worth to be visited in this season, because they have something new to offer.

1. Goa

This place comes with several different beaches that you could enjoy. The waves get larger because of the rains and they take the full attention of the tourists. Because of the rain, there are some parties that are also called singing parties that you could try to participate at.

2. Leh and Ladakh

These are known to be mountain ranges, mountain land and deserts that come with numerous Buddhist temples. During most part of the year, Leh is isolated from the rest of the world because of the snow, but during the monsoon season the snow melts and the road is opened. This is the only place that is dry when the rest of the country is wet.

3. Kerela

One of the places that you should visit in the monsoon time is Kerala. Kerala is most well known for the ayurvedic therapy that people can receive here. The oils and the medicines used are applied on the body during the monsoon season. National Geographic traveler said that this is one of the 13 paradises of the world.

4. Shillong

Shillong is truly unique in the world and it is known as ‘Scotland of the East’. The hills of the region are covered by pine trees, and the climate here is a lot milder than in the rest of the country. There are a lot of waterfalls that captivate tourists. Because of all these, the majority of people decide to visit this region when the rest of the country is affected by monsoon.

5. Cherrapunjee

This city is known as the ‘Rain Capital of the World’. Although it is raining a lot, during the monsoon season you can make the best of the region. This is because this is the season when the waterfalls, streams, landscapes and topography look their best.

6. Chikmagalur

Right outside the town, you will find a lake and it is located at the base of the tallest hill. Because of the monsoon, there is a lot of fog that makes the region look even more mysterious like it has a big secret that it is longing to share.

7. Jog Falls

This is known as the tallest waterfall that you can find in India. No matter how strange it sounds, it looks the best during the rainy season. Because of the fog and the rain, the waterfall disappears and reappears from time to time. If there is no rain, the waterfall is like a trickle, but during the rainy season, it returns to its true glory.

As we can all see, it’s not that bad to have some rain during your trip, because in some cases it could make the trip even more pleasant and memorable. Make sure that you take an umbrella with you.