Dos and Don’ts on Your Travel to Singapore

Singapore has earned the distinction of a safe, clean and efficient holiday destination in South-East Asia.  This has been achieved through strictly enforced laws that are observed with utmost respect and care. If you are traveling to Singapore for the first time, then here are a few important dos and don’ts to be observed while on your stay in this beautiful nation.

Travel to Singapore

Law of the Land

Here are 5 important laws that one needs to know before stepping into Singapore. Not following these can land you in prison and also bore a hole in your pocket.

  1. Smoking in marked as public spaces is strictly prohibited. Nightspots are however exempted from this rule.
  2. Littering of any kind is strictly against the law. The clean streets of Singapore are a testimony to the effectiveness of this law. An extension of this is that chewing gums are prohibited in this country. If you are found possessing a chewing gum then you are grounded. Also, if you need to spit, think twice, as the laws here prohibit spitting in outdoor public spaces.
  3. If you thought the previous one was a strange law to have, then here is another shocker. If you fail to flush a toilet then you are done. Urinating in elevators will surely land you in jail. So beware and watch your steps when nature calls.
  4. On a more serious note, possession of any prohibited drug is a grave offence in Singapore and you could be jailed without parole.
  5. Jaywalking is illegal in Singapore and so is taking food into the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport).

Cultural Obligations

While in Singapore, like in any other country, one has to understand the cultural practices of the locals. So here are a few customary practices followed in Singapore which you are expected to honor.

  1. If you wish to take pictures of the monuments, religious places or people in Singapore it is common courtesy to ask for permission before doing so.
  2. It is customary to leave your shoes outside before entering a temple, mosque or a house.
  3. Use of left hand to greet or eat is considered wrong by the Muslims in this part of the world. So refrain from doing so.
  4. If you are visiting Singapore for business then remember to exchange cards right at the start of a meeting.  Use both your hands to accept or give a card.
  5. People should be addressed with their titles – Mr., Ms or Mrs. Use of first names during first meeting should be avoided.

Following these rules and laws in Singapore can make your travel simpler, easier and enjoyable.