A Complete City Guide to Ankara, Turkey

When it comes to Turkey, most people think of Istanbul but another beautiful city in this country is Ankara. Ankara may not have places like the Ottoman palace or huge mosques but it is vivacious, lively and offbeat place which combines both modern architecture and rich historical and cultural heritage.  If you are planning to visit Ankara in Turkey then you must preplan your trip and visit the must-to-go destinations in this city. The following is a complete city guide to this place:

complete city guide to ankara, turkey

Museums and Galleries

There are many amazing galleries and museums in Ankara and they can definitely help you spend one day of your visit to this city. The museum of Anatolian civilizations is worth a special mention here because it showcases Turkey’s rich past and is an ideal place for those interested in culture and history.

Parks and Gardens

There are plenty of beautiful parks and gardens situated in Ankara and are a perfect spot to spend time with your family while on a visit here. The youth park consists of a lake and is suitable for day and morning picnics on weekends.  There is a place called Aquapark club water city which is a park that consists of indoor and outdoor pools, slides and restaurants and is a must visit for families who come here for holidays or vacations.

Cafes and Restaurants

There are plenty of roadside cafes and beautiful indoor restaurants spread across the city.  Turkish tea is very popular and you must try tasting it at few of the cafes or tea shops. Try the traditional sheesha or flavored hookah to experience the real character of the country.

Monuments and Landmarks

Ankara has many landmarks and monumental sites which can be included in daily excursions.  The monumental mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk sits high above the city with lovely marble work. It is a must see for anyone interested in intricate work and designs.

Dynamic Street Life

If you are not into museums, mosques and history, then the very dynamic street life of Ankara is also a reason enough to visit this city. From street shopping to street arts and from hustling bustling markets to tourists from around the world, Ankara’s real face and culture can be noticed on its roads and streets. Beware of your belongings though as many pickpockets target tourists for cash and other things.

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