Chumphon: One of Thailand’s Hidden Treasures

The town of Chumphon lies on the gulf coast in southern Thailand where it’s known as a gateway to other southern border towns. The Chumphon province offers about 135 miles of coastline for lovers of the sea and sand and water sports.

You’ll find it’s a popular place for swimming, yachting, sunbathing, paragliding, snorkeling, and diving. The town is about 280 miles from the capital city of Bangkok and has a population of about 35,000 people.

You can reach Chumphon by car, bus, train, and ferry, as there are several ferry companies operating in the region. There are highways from Bangkok as well as a daily train service. Once you’ve reached the city, there are local buses to help you get around as well as taxis. However, it’s not a big town, so walking is probably the best way to explore it.

To find out more about the city and region, it’s a good idea to visit the National Museum of Chumphon, which opened in 1995. This will give you an understanding of the area and its history and culture all the way from prehistoric times to the present. The museum offers a wealth of information through its various exhibits, and resources.

If you’d rather check out the countryside, the Khao Phang Forest Park is less than 10 miles south of town and is ideal for nature lovers. There’s also a hill in the park that will give you a great view of the whole region if you climb to the top of it.

For those who love to visit the temples of Thailand, you won’t want to miss Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi, which is about five miles from town. This temple used to be the home of Luang Pho Song Chanthasaro, who was a famous monk who lived to be almost 100. He is still revered by the citizens of Chumphon and nearby provinces.

If you’d like to get a taste of local life then you might be interested in visiting the morning market, where you can buy local foods and fruits. There’s also a day and early evening market that sells excellent lunches and fruit. Many of the town’s residents come here for snacks or to take food home. And to top things off, you’ll find a night market that’s also popular with the locals as it has a wide variety of food to choose from. There are quite a few restaurants and bars in town to get your fill of local food and drinks as well.

As for accommodations, there are some guest houses that also serve good food and drinks at exceptional prices. There are also several inexpensive hotels to choose from. However, while staying in Chumphon, most people take short trips to visit the nearby historical and geographical sites. These include Hat Sai Ri, which has a wonderful beach where you can get some superb views of the nearby islands. It also features a monument that honors the former Admiral Prince of Chumphon as well as a World War II warship and hillside temple.

Khao Chao Mueang is close by and offers spectacular panoramic views of the nearby coast and a peaceful secluded beach. The Chumphon National Marine Park is also a popular area as it consists of several small islands and beaches. Ko Tao is known as the finest spot for diving as it has clear, crystal waters and is close to town. Chumphon offers everything you could ask for when you’d like to get away and relax in gorgeous surroundings and enjoy the local way of life.