Buryatia Travel Planning And Travel Guide

Buryatia is a republic situated in eastern Siberia which has Tuva to its west, Zabaykalsky Krai to its east, Irkutsk to its North West and finally Mongolia to its south. Ulan Ude is the capital city and some other important cities of this country include Kyakhta, Orlik, Arshan and a few others. Lake Baikal which is the oldest and deepest lake in the world in situated in this country.

If you are planning to visit Buryatia then below given guide will surely help you.

baikalsky natural reserve

Get in and get out

For getting to Buryatia there are domestic flights from Moscow, Yakutsk and Irkutsk to the Ulan Ude airport. There is also the Trans-Siberian Railways that offer four stops in this country and that include Ulan Ude, Tankhoi, Zaigreavo and Babushkin.

For getting out there is the Ulan Ude-Naushki railway that leads to Ulaanbaatar, which is the capital of Mongolia and the Trans-Siberian Railways makes stops at Chita and  Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky.

Major Destinations and Places to see

There are quite a few attractions in this country and that includes the Baikalsky Natural Reserve, the Dzerginsky Nature Reserve, the Barguzingsky Natural Reserve, Lake Baikal, Khoyto-Gol, Zabaikalsky Natural Reserve, Tunkinsky Natural Reserve and Olkhon.

Make sure of seeing the Ivolginsky Buddhist Datsan which is the large Buddhist monastery lying about 23 km from the capital city. There are three buses from Ulan Ude that take you to the monastery at different time of the day and for returning the same day, you would have to hire a taxi.

Things to do

Enjoy hot spring bath at the Khoyto-Gol where there are simple cabins that offer accommodation. The Saayan Mountains are also famous for trekking, biking and horse riding. You can also enjoy white water rafting in this country. There are forests where you can camp but do not forget to carry your mosquito repellent.

Buryatia is a safe place unlike the other countries of Russia and it is better to take registered taxis when you hire one to go around.

Photo Credit By: tmuny.org