6 Popular Budget Holiday Destinations in Asia

Asia being the largest continent among has several tourist destinations for people of various interests. While most people think of Bali and Thailand as soon as a vacation destination is mentioned, you can consider other prospects as well that are scenic, beautiful and affordable. Let us take a look on this comprehensive guide of budget places to visit in Asian subcontinent –

meghalaya hills

Affordable vacation Spots in Asia


Neighbor to Fiji, this is less populated and less expensive. That is why this place is great for a relaxed weekend and there are adventure sports like diving, cruising and volcano excursions to keep you busy. Bask in the sun or enjoy the food, or just go shopping by the boardwalk… you will have fun.


While some people think that this is a very expensive getaway, the clever ones really know that this place has several budget options. Be it the place to stay, the conducted tour you take or the food you eat, Malaysia is affordable in the literal way.


This place is a combination of green hills, lovely beaches and clear waters. In short it is a small piece of paradise that even the backpackers can afford.


No place has more diversity than India. This is one country that can give you the feel of Switzerland and also the taste of the deserts. While you cannot tour entire India in one go, places like Rajasthan, Kashmir, Kerela backwaters, Meghalayan hills, Kolkata the cultural capital, the sun kissed beaches of Goa and Mumbai the film city are worth a visit. The best part about this country is you can have a great time, eat good food, shop a lot and yet not spend a fortune.

Sri Lanka

This island country is not just about beaches and relaxation. If you are looking for more, then there is history that this place revels about. It is also a treat for those who have a nose for geography. The added bonus is that you can travel this island at a very affordable price. The hotels and the tourism options are pretty cheap.

Cook Island

A culmination of tropical beauty, warm beaches, white sands, friendly people and delicious food – this Pacific island must make it to your ‘must see before I die’ list. And to top it off, it is cheap and good on your pocket.

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