Explore These 7 Sites to See the Breathtaking Side of China

China isn’t all about the agglomeration of the cities, but also peaceful and quite locations that offer a breathtaking view to those who ever take the time to go there. There are some locations that you should make sure to visit at least once in your life.

1. Guilin

The beauty of this location made it to the legends of China. There are karst peaks protruding from the Li River. There are also the well-known rice terraces that you can see here. The Elephant Hill is the most famous feature of the region, and there are numerous caves that people like to explore.

2. Huangshan

This location includes the Yellow Mountains that are widely known for their beauty. This is the meeting place of the pine trees and of the clouds from above. There is also the Xin’an River that makes the region even more beautiful and there are numerous tracking routes that the tourists can use to discover the region.

3. Shigatse

Is there something prettier than Mount Everest? There are a lot of people who engage in a pilgrimage all the way to Tibet just to see the mountain that is the tallest of them all. Even if you can’t see to all the way to the top because it is covered by clouds, the trip is worth a shot just to see the scene from the base camp.

4. Jiuzhaigou

The region is best known for the valleys that it has, not to mention the water that is crystal clear and that is coming in different colors among the ancient forests. These valleys have made it to the World Heritage List and they include the finest mountains of the country that can be accessed by the majority of the tourists.

5. Zhangjiajie

There is an entire forest made of sandstone pillars towering over the deep canyons. There are also the waterfalls that make the region even more special. Let’s not forget about the wide variety of plants and there is also the Yellow Dragon Cavern that is waiting for you to explore it. This is known as the largest limestone cave of the country.

6. Yichang

If you are going to take a classic tour then you should go for the Yangtze cruise. Yichang is the most popular cruise of them all. The region was quite dangerous in the past, but recently it has settled down and so it is possible to be cruising in the canyon. In case you are looking for the most beautiful regions, then take a look at Shennong Stream and Lesser Three Gorges.

7. Lijiang

This place gives you the feeling of a small town, and it is a popular destination among the backpackers. Usually hikers visit this place besides outdoor lovers and photographers. If you ever get here, all you have to do is to relax and to enjoy the scenery.

As you can see, there are a lot of places to visit, and it may take a lifetime to see all of them and to enjoy them to the fullest.