7 of the Best Yoga Spots in Asia

Everyone who has become tired of living in the busy, complicated and burdened world and looking for a way to rejuvenate can turn to yoga. Yoga, an ancient art/ science is vast and is thus equipped to help everyone find solution to their mental, spiritual and physical troubles.

Yoga shows best results and rejuvenates particularly well when done in the proper place, surroundings and in proper time. To help all of those looking for a perfect place to turn to yoga we have listed below 7 best yoga spots in the whole of Asia.

1. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram

Located in Kerala, India near the Neyyar Dam Tiger Reserve this is an amazing and an absolutely beautiful place renowned for hatha yoga. The place runs varied term of courses but all are run as per exact time schedules.

2. Absolute Sanctuary Yoga

absolute sanctuary yogaLocated in Thailand this proud yoga sanctuary boasts of world class spa and other indulgent therapy facilities. The retreat allows its visitors to attend unlimited yoga sessions which consist of variety of disciplines.

3. Muang La Resort

Located in the UNESCO Heritage capital city of Laos- Muang La is a resort located in the middle of lush green surroundings and nature which make it the perfect place for yoga and meditation. The place has spa, cooking learning and jungle adventure facilities to add to the experience of its yoga visitors.

4. The Samar Villas

the samar villasAnother yoga spot located in the UNESCO World Heritage site the Samar Villas. The natural grown trees and greenery along with the mystical feeling of the temples in Siem Reap make this one of the best yoga spots in Asia. The place has several amenities and services and also provides all of its clients with the opportunity to explore a beautiful region and its culture.

5. The Farm Yoga Holiday

This facility runs a holistic yoga program and is known for its well rounded approach to complete relaxation and wellness of the individuals who visit this place. This holiday yoga place in Philippines is one of the best for spiritual and physical growth.

6. Neeleshwar Hermitage

A few kilometres away from Mangalore city in India, this spot is located in the hidden palm groves on the coast of the Arabian. It truly is a serene place perfect for carrying on yoga, meditative and other therapeutic activities.

7. Samahita Yoga Retreat

On Thailand’s southern coast of KohSamui, this yoga retreat centre is an ideal spot for all those interested in achieving health and spiritual balance through yoga. The retreat dedicates itself into teaching its visitors all about yoga.