Best Places in Asia to Spend your Christmas

While the craze and excitement of Christmas is widespread all across the world, a lot of people head to western countries to celebrate this festival due to the large population of Catholics. But even other continents like Asia offer superb Christmas celebrations and fun. If you are someone who is interested in celebrating your Christmas holiday in Asia and are looking for the perfect place to do so, then the following given list would be very useful.


philippinesWhen it comes to celebrating Christmas in Asia, then Philippines definitely tops the list of countries you can think of. The country has a huge population of Christians and people here are deeply religious. Manila is the best city in the country to head to if you are in mood for full swing celebrations and beautiful decorations. Even the non-Christians in the country celebrate Christmas with food, drinks and gifts. Moreover, the locals are very friendly and will welcome you in their celebrations like you were one of their own.


If you want your Christmas in Asia to be about good food, then head to India.   The country is known for good food and on Christmas, the kinds of meals that are served at restaurants and hotels can just woo anyone. Goa has a huge Christian population and is the perfect city to be in on Christmas. The churches all over the country are decorated nicely and are a perfect place to be in on the Christmas Eve.


tokyoTokyo is also very interesting at the time of Christmas and can offer you a very unique holiday experience. Christmas here is more about partying, drinking and merry making than actually celebrating the birth of Christ but these celebrations can rope anyone in. If you are in mood for a unique Christmas experience, then head to Tokyo, Japan this year.


Thailand is a name synonymous with partying and celebration and the fun only increases during Christmas. The entire country hosts brilliant parties, beach carnivals and eating festivals and it is great to be in Bangkok or Phuket during this time of the year.


singaporeSingapore is already a very happening country but during Christmas, it is unbelievable. Despite of not having a huge Christian population, Singapore is decked up with lights and celebration of Christmas and the fireworks are worth a watch as the clock hits 12.