Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Honeymoon is one of the best phases in the lives of newlywed couples; it’s more than just a celebration of the new life that they have just entered into. This period of life is the most amazing as two people get an opportunity to know each other. So,you must plan your vacation to head to the most exotic and beautiful places. Asia being the largest continent in the world, has some amazing destinations that you can visit and spend time like a dream.

Where to go?

Innumerable beautiful destinations are available all over Asia. As a couple, you can decide whether you want to visit the lofty mountains like the Himalayas or the beautiful beaches of Crabby in Thailand etc. Here is a list of famous places where the people can visit for their honeymoon in Asia.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

  • Leh-Ladakh- Ladakh is known for its natural beauty. The mighty Himalayas surround this region. It is the highest plateau of the world. Nature is the most beautiful gift of the almighty and one will only get to know how beautiful mountains can be only after visiting Ladakh. It is situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, in India. So people who love mountains should visit LehLadakh for their honeymoon.
  • Malaysia & Singapore- The Malaysia & Singapore tour is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations. People love to visit this place for its natural beauty and the exotic beaches. The beautiful resorts that have been set up in these places offer its guest utmost privacy. The places for sightseeing in these two islands are worth visiting.
  • The MaldivesThe most beautiful and clean nation is the Maldives. The sea looks beautiful here. The turquoise color of the sea makes this place most exotic. The beauty of this place is in the blue lagoons. The food is amazing. This is a perfect honeymoon destination for the newlywed
  • Thailand, Phuket- The islands of Thailand, Phuket and the other islands nearby are beautiful the people are very welcoming. Tourism is one of the most important sources of income here. The beautiful beaches and their nightlife are enthralling. The amazing water sports facilities will make one go crazy. It is one of the most loved honeymoon destinations.
  • Vietnam- This country lies in the Southeastern part of The beautiful beaches and rivers here are mesmerizing. The country has a rich cultural heritage too.
  • Andaman-Nicobar- There are innumerable islands as the Andaman island is an archipelago. The beautiful beaches, deep sea water sports are amazing features that people enjoy here. The beauty of this place is in nature Beautiful falls in the rainforests are worth watching. You get to spend your lone time here. The rides to see and interact with the tribal people are also amazing.

You should visit these places before entering your busy life. This memory stays with you for lifetime. So you must look for the best place where you want to go together and spend your lone time to create some amazing memories for a lifetime.