5 Best Beaches Near Bali to Visit

Bali is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia with tourists coming up from all parts of the world. It is popular for its beaches, volcanic mountains, forests, coral reef, and paddy fields. The beaches are one of its major attractions. If you too are planning a trip, have a look at the list of five best beaches near Bali to visit:

best beaches near bali to visit

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua lies in the southern area/ southern tip of Bali and the beach is surrounded by few of the best 5-star resort properties in Bali, Indonesia. The literal translation of the name for this beach (and the region) is “two (dua) islands (nusa)”. Nusa Dua was carefully designed to be a gated group of resorts and hotels, with the beach at the centre. It is the most luxurious stretch of coastal fun in Bali.

Balangan Beach

A beach which definitely deserves the top spot on the list of best beaches near Bali, Balangan is nearly white sand beach located at the bottom of serene rocky cliffs. It is located midst the greenery of a beautiful local village on the Westside and hence is a very relaxing place. Also it is quite famous amongst the surfers as the beach experiences the most consistent of all left- hand breaks in the region.

Kuta Beach

Another one of the most popular Bali beaches, Kuta is also known as one of the party centers. All through the peek seasons and festive times the beach and the resorts are fully booked. The party scene is vibrant and extremely energetic. The sunsets at the beach are said to be nothing short of legendary and the surfers love the strong currents as well.

Sanur Beach

The Sanur beach is credited to being the first ever resort beach in Bali boasting of a completely relaxed and extremely coastal ambience. This beach is a 5km stretch and is one of the places which retain the Balinese village charm. There definitely are a collection of good shops, resorts, restaurants and bars but all have a more laidback and relaxed feel. A definite must visit beach if you in the mood for some recuperation.

 Lovina Beach

The beach is not famous amongst the party lovers and for good reason. Lovina is the ideal place for those who want to rest themselves, pick up a book in mild light of a beautiful sunset and let their worries disappear into thin air. The soothing and calming exposure of the beach lets it in on the best beaches to visit list.