5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with quite a few incredible tourist destinations in the world. While there are many places you can visit, nothing can be as amazing as the lakes. The true beauty of Pakistan lies in its lakes which can be found in abundance.

In this article, we have shortlisted five great lakes in Pakistan that have become internationally recognized for their serenity and natural beauty. From Rush lake to Manchar lake, there is so much to explore in the land of canals.

5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan

So, without further ado, here are five lakes in Pakistan you should visit:

  1. Banjosa Lake

Despite being an artificial lake, it is as good as any other natural lake in Pakistan. Situated close to Rawalakot city in Azad Kashmir, this famous tourist destination is surrounded by lush green mountains and thick pine forest, making it a romantic and mesmerizing place for anyone.

The lake has been upgraded with a number of facilities where you can avail all kinds of amenities without any problem. The access to this lake is smooth and quick, as there is a 20-kilometer long stretch of metallic road at your service.

  1. Rush Lake

If we are talking about lakes in Pakistan, we cannot miss out on Rush Lake. It is the prestige of Pakistan for being the highest lake in the country.

The lake is located near the Rush Pari Peak and is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world situated north of Spantik and Miar Peak in the Nagar valley.

You can easily reach the lake through the Hopar Glacier and Miar Glacier and through Nagar and Hopar.

If you love trekking, then you are promised an exhilarating experience. The trek to Rush lake is marked by picturesque views of Miar Peak, Spantik Peak, Phuparash Peak and what not.

  1. Lake SaifulMuluk

A trip to Pakistan can never be complete without a visit to the breathtakingSaifulMulukLake.

SaifulMukul Lake is situated close to the Naran town north of the KaghanValey. With an altitude of about 3,224 m, the lake is one of the highest in the country.

Apart from topographical and aesthetic greatness, the lake is home to a number of stories, but the most notable one is that of SaifulMuluk—a young Persian prince who fell in love with a beautiful fairy princess here at the lake.

The charm of the lake is such that people believe that the lake could not be home to anyone lesser than fairies. Well, we would not know until we get there!

  1. Shangrila Lake

Popularly known as the Lower Kachura Lake, this lovely lake is situated close to Skardu town and is a part of the grand Shangrila resort.

The name of the lake is inspired by a book named Lost Horizon written by James Hilton and literally means “Heaven on Earth”.

Well, it is a heaven, all right—so why not drive our way to the heaven?

  1. Ratti Gali Lake

When you reach Ratti Gali Lake, you will be reminded of those dreamy places you always wanted to take a trip to.

One of the most astoundingly beautiful lakes on earth, the Ratti Gali Lake is situated in the famous NeelamValley of Azad Kashmir and is easily reachable from Dowarian.

Once you are there at the lake, you will be baffled by the inexplicable beauty of lush pasture, flowers, and wild alpine grass.