Top 10 Beaches to Enjoy in Philippines

For a long time the Philippines has been known for its fine beaches. Even more, these can be compared to just any beach from all over the world. For the ultimate experience, there are some beaches that you should visit.

1. Boracay

In case you are looking for a beach that is somewhat like Hawaii, this is the place to go to. It has the finest sand in the world. The charm of the beach is given by the blue waters and the friendly locals. At the same time, Boracay is known for fun and for its nightlife.

2. Mactan Island

This is located in Chabu and it has its own charm. It is a part of the historic site and the beaches are more than remarkable. The amenities of the place are very appreciated by the tourists.

3. Pagudpud

It is one of the recognized beaches of the country. Its features include fine sand and blue water. It is something like Boracay, the difference lies in the nightlife. Pagadpud is like a quiet sanctuary.

4. Sta. Ana

This beach is becoming something like Boracay. The infrastructure is continuously developing to become a new tourist paradise. The coast is amazing and there will be accommodation and also entertainment for the tourists.

5. Camiguin

This actually is an island that is considered to be a kind of Eden on earth. The beaches are simply extraordinary not to mention the springs and waterfalls. Nobody can really resist the charms of the island.

6. Siargao

The place is well known among surfers who are always looking for the next large wave, and they can find them here. Another good thing about Siargao is that it gives the tourists an opportunity to relax away from the noise of the big cities. Here they can focus on themselves and the things they need.

7. El Nido

This is one of the gems of Palawan. The place is just perfect for those looking for some quiet and privacy. Just find a beachfront and gaze at the crystal clear water, tropical birds and the plants that surround them.

8. Honda Bay

The sand here is known to be white and fine and it is surrounded by blue waters. These waters are home to colorful fishes and reefs, so the place is just perfect for those wishing to gain new experiences with snorkeling.

9. Dakak

Just as in the previous cases, Dakak also comes with fine white sand and the water is also welcoming. The place becomes even more magical because of the springs that you can find here, not to mention the pool that is filled by a waterfall.

10. Panglao

Panglao is located in Bohol and it is one of the hidden treasures of the Philippines. In case you would like to have a getaway this is the place because it is somewhat intimate. You will surely have a good time and you will be able to escape your worries for a while.


  1. This place is amazing! I’ve also been there and it’s like walnkig in the middle of the sea. there are vast parts of the island that are only party submerged by water 🙂 nice pictures..

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