6 Famous Beaches in Asia-pacific

Beach is fun, but there are so many of them to choose from. We can rummage through the Internet all day long but still won’t be able to decide as to which beach to visit. The problem becomes all the more difficult when the targeted geographical location is huge.

In this article, we have limited ourselves to the best beaches in Asia-Pacific. These beaches have made it to the list because of a number of reasons—popularity, picturesque settings, availability of tourist-friendly services and what not.

Six famous beaches in Asia-pacific

Let us begin with six beaches in Asia-Pacific you should definitely visit:

  1. Palawan, Philippines

The famous Bacuit Archipelago in Palawan is a heaven for beach lovers. Situated at a very short distance from El Nido in Palawan, the archipelago hosts limestone formations, gorgeous lagoons and karst cliffs.

There are a number of tourist-friendly facilities available such as boat charting, spas, and the likes. Once you are here, you will find it difficult to leave its luxuries so easily affordable.

  1. Goa, India

Of course, we cannot miss out on Goa when talking about the best beaches in Asia-Pacific.

Goa offers a diverse variety of beaches catering to all kinds of travellers—from honeymooners to solo travellers. You will find ample opportunities to dive in and enjoy the restlessness of tidal waves.

Our picks include Agonda beach for getting top-notch relaxation, Mandrem Beach for those who are in love, and Baga Beach for those who are party-animals. Oh, yes, we cannot forget to include Anjuna Beach famous for its colourful flea market and trance music.

The best aspect about Goa beaches is that they are more affordable than many beaches in the world. Thus, it is a treat to those who travel on a budget but with big expectations.

  1. SonevaGili, Maldives

We all know how much expensive Maldives’ beaches are, but every penny paid is worth the experience here.

Maldives is an ideal abode of the world’s most beautiful beaches, especially SonevaGili. SonevaGili is the final destination for those who love spending their time away in luxury. The beach features glittering lagoons, gigantic villas, private butlers and fine dining.

There is an amazing Spa located at the beach called the Six Senses Spa, which is situated over open water and offers glass panels underneath the massage tables.

What more could you ask for?

  1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitehaven beach is one of highest voted beaches in Australia. It is a7-kilometer long stretch of impeccable waters and smooth sands situated against the famous verdant rainforests of the islands.

You can engage in a number of activities here such as the vibrant Cove of Hill Inlet, hiking up to the popular Tongue Point and what not. Here, there is no limit on exploration!

  1. Sipadan, Malaysia

If you love to dive in beach waters, you should check out Sipadan. Gifted with healthy and lush coral reefs, sea turtles, you will get the perfect diving experience here, particularly around the Barracuda Point where divers can swim through massive schools of fish.

Before going there, it is advisable you go through the conservation regulations in force at the beach which only permit 120 diving per day. You will need to book early to secure a place.

  1. Mui Ne beach, Vietnam

MuiNe Beach is a perfect getaway for those looking for peace and mental relaxation. The beach is blessed with big waves, strong winds and crystal clear skies and is ideal for activities such as kite-surfing, wind-surfing, etc.

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