Bangkok – Is It a Place to Live?

Although some people are thinking about moving to Bangkok because they believe that it is a cheap city, you should know that you won’t live like a rock star not even with a western salary. Nonetheless, you should really consider making the move because the people who did never looked back.

Bangkok – Is It a Place to Live

Getting Accommodation

Don’t expect to find the same kind of accommodation as in the west. It is a good idea to pay a bit of extra for your condo because you will get to love what you find. The majority of the condos offer the privacy that you need, maybe even an infinity pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, and peace and quiet.

How to Find It?

Even though you could find marvelous accommodation, you have to prepare for a frustrating process of finding one. The best thing you can do is to take a look at Craigslist. You should think about getting a condo in Sukhumvit. You can expect the rent to be of about $200 per month. The people with a bigger budget can find some amazing places for $1000 a month.

Cheap Eating

For sure you have heard that you can buy a meal for only one dollar. The majority of the local foods cost only this much. Although at the beginning the local foods may seem strange, once you get used to them you will never think about western food ever again. However, when looking for international products, give Wine Connection a thought.

Nightlife and Boozing

You can find beer for $1.50 while local liquors cost about $7. If you are interested in the city’s nightlife, you should know that it is quite expensive. The majority of people spend at least $50 a night, but the expenses can turn out to be even higher.

Sports and Recreation

If your condo doesn’t come with a gym, it is unlikely that you will be able to afford a gym membership. The good news is that there are some cheaper alternatives. Parks usually come with sports and exercise facilities. You can practice skateboarding and basketball as well.

Cheap Traveling

You can take the underground and the sky-train wherever you want. Taxis are more expensive than these but motorbike taxis are relatively cheap and you can be sure that you won’t be stuck in the traffic. If you are planning a trip outside Bangkok, your best option is taking a minivan, a train, or a bus.