6 Asia’s Meditation Retreats for the Peaceful Heart

In case you would like to have a trip just to get away from it all and to have some time just for yourself, then you should have a vacation to Asia. You might think that it is pretty crowded, but there are numerous places that could offer you the peace and quiet that you are looking for.

1. Summer Palace

This park can be found in China and the Summer Palace itself can be considered a stunning architectural element. It got its name because in the past the emperors of China spent their summers in this location. Nowadays it is known for being a tourists’ retreat, for the people traveling through the country who would like to relax for a while.

2. The Great Wall

China isn’t all about the crowded cities. There are a lot of beauties that you will find outside the city, such as the Great Wall. Although climbing may not seem to be relaxing, your opinion will change when you get to the top and you see the scene. Many tour guides accompany the tourists to share interesting pieces of information with them regarding the building.

3. Swaminarayan Akshardham

Could there be anything more relaxing than a garden and a temple. This is what you will find in India. This is one of the most stunning buildings of the country and now it has a double purpose: offering a nice view to those interested in architecture and a place to relax to those looking for peace of mind. In the garden, you will find a fountain that is meant to entertain the guests.

4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This building is also located in India, and in fact it is a railway station. Most probably a railway station isn’t the first thing that people have in mind when they are thinking about relaxation and meditation, but the interesting fact about the building is that it looks very much like a church. When you see the building it will instantly remind you of France or England because of the Gothic architecture.

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore is well known for the flea markets, but there are some other things as well that make it interesting. The Botanic Gardens are something that you shouldn’t miss out on because it might be the only green space of Singapore. The part of it that you have to visit is the Orchid Garden.

6. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This is another natural place of Singapore, and this is because it has been named a nature reserve. There are different activities that it offers, such as biking, hiking and walking trails. Also it offers tourists the possibility to take a look at some of the rarest mammals and insects of the world.

You may see that there are some peaceful places that you could visit if this is what you have been looking for meditation.