Best 5 Asian Destinations for Travelling after Retirement!

Elderly people love to travel as much as youngsters do! But it is not possible for them to travel to all the destinations as they do not have the physical energy to go to all types of places. An ideal place would be where there are beautiful landscape views and relaxation with a calm atmosphere. Minimum physical stress should be required to reach the destination. Considering all these aspects, below given is a list of the top Asian destinations for elderly people so that they can enjoy their second inning of life to the fullest!



It is one of the top holiday destinations in Asia with over 27,000 foreigner elderly tourists visiting every year. It is a very affordable place with some of the best landscape views in the world. Philippines offers some amazing local food for the tourists and all kinds of facilities like restaurants, shops, medicals and lodging are available in abundance.



This is one of the most developed countries in Asia where the elderly can spend their time at theme parks and restaurants. They will get to avail a lot of entertainment options like cultural shows, local performances and some amazing and cheap street food as well.



India is a culturally rich country where the elderly would get to know and explore a lot. The most ideal states to travel in India would be Jammu and Kashmir, which is also known as ’Paradise on Earth’, Rajasthan, which has a lot of heritage worth seeing, and Kerala, where the backwaters which would give you a calm and serene holiday.



Vietnam is a place which has some most beautiful and clean beaches, historic sites and amazing street food. It is a place where the local culture is kept preserved till now. It is a home to the world’s largest cave as well. The Danang beach is a place which elders should visit mandatorily if they plan their vacation to Vietnam. Also, Vietnam has a lot to offer to shopaholics who love to shop for traditional as well modern products.



Thailand is again a place where the elderly would find a lot of peace. There are a wide range of luxury as well as basic accommodations available for the elderly. It has a lot of ancient temples where the travellers would get a sense of the rich ancient culture of the place and also get to understand Buddhism with a closer view.