5 Best Asian Destinations for Buddhists

Asia is not just the largest continent in the world but is also the most culturally diverse one. It brings together some very rich cultures and religions and is thus loved by people around the globe. There are many countries and places in Asia which are known for their Buddhist roots and cultures. Southeast Asia in particular has several countries that follow Buddhism as their primary religion and have some wonderful Buddhist temples and shrines. The following is a list of the best Asian destinations for Buddhists:

1. Vientiane, Laos

vientiane, laos

One of the best places in Asia for Buddhists is Vientiane in Laos.  This is not only the capital of Laos but also a primary spot for witnessing Buddhist culture and heritage.  It has some stunning artwork, many lovely Buddha statues and also a place called Buddha Park which is one of the strangest destinations in Asia. So if you are planning to indulge in some Buddhism this year, head to Vientiane.

2. Sukhothai, Thailand

sukhothai, thailand

This place is known for its incredible ancient ruins which are testaments to the Buddhist history and culture. This ancient ruin city was the capital of the first Siam kingdom for about 800 years and is a tourist attraction, thanks to the many interesting statues and other ruins. So for an ultimate adventure and interesting vacation, choose this spot in Thailand.

3. Ayuthaya, Thailand

ayuthaya, thailand

This is yet another destination in Thailand which is a must visit place if you are a Buddhist or love Buddhist culture. It too was an ancient capital of Thailand for many hundreds of years and has many floating villages and markets. This place has also been named as a UNESCO World heritage site due to its many incredible sites.

4. Yangon, Myanmar

yangon, myanmar

This is a beautiful city in Myanmar which showcases rich cultural heritage and attracts many tourists from around the world every year. It was till now a relatively lesser known Buddhist destination but has now gained tremendous popularity.  It has may beautiful Buddhist statues and similar structures that attracts large number of tourists.

5. Leh, Ladakh, India

leh, ladakh, india

Leh in Ladakh is situated in India and is a beautiful city located on a hilly terrain. It has many wonderful monasteries and Buddhist statues and is mostly inhabited by Buddhist individuals only. The little monks are given education in Buddhism here and are taught at the monasteries.