7 Best Places to Taste the Asian Cuisine

In case you are interested in the Asian cuisine, there are some places that you may like to visit. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, you will be able to find it.

1. Kahala

It is a cliché to see a chef in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by neons, performing his art while people can admire his skills. Although it is a cliché, you may still enjoy the sight of such a chef working with special ingredients such as pepper berries and black garlic. Also here you will find seasonal fish and bottarga that is a Mediterranean delicacy.

2. Song Yuan Shi

The place is made of dining halls that are inspired by the Japanese culture, divided by bamboo screens. The foods that are served are organic, and they include chicken soup made with ginseng and lotus root served along with sashimi. The chef calls his art ‘Zen-ist’ because the food is good for both the body and the mind.

3. Da Dong

The chef of the place is Da, and he dedicated his life in reinventing the different meals made of duck. He is the one that reintroduced radish, garlic and other kinds of fillings that have become popular among the tourists and the diplomats. The best thing that he has come up with is the low fat duck dish.

4. Piao Xiang

Sichuan cuisine is well known all over the world and some dishes have become popular among locals and tourists – such as ma po tofu and shredded pork. This dining place is one of the most elegant ones of the region and it is owned by Chef Xiao Janmin. The menu is really vast and you will find everything here that the region is famous for.

5. Kikunoi

The interesting thing about this place is that it makes cooking a true art and it serves food in a manner most spectacular. On the menu, you will find sashimi, eel custard, trout roe, walnut-miso glazes, and smoked salmon. This is the third generation of chefs leading the place, having the experience of over one hundred years.

6. Or Tor Gor

If you would like to try the true Thai flavors, you don’t necessarily have to go to a fancy and expensive place. Instead visit the diner near the Chatuchak flea market. The specialties of the place include fish cakes, vats of bamboo shoots, satay on a stick and mango with different kinds of rice.

7. Line of No Control

Although India is known for the fact that there are more vegetarian people than anywhere else in the world, you don’t necessarily have to eat only vegetables. In this place you will find a kind of chicken covered in mustard that is served on a sword. Nonetheless you could also have some kebab like the Hara Seekh kebab and different kinds of bread, for instance the saffron laced ones.

Those looking for fine cuisine are sure to find what they have been looking for in Asia.


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