The Most Amazing Nightlife Guide in Thailand

Thailand is a place which is known for its amazing beaches, the lovely watersports, the seafood and ofcourse the nightlife. Most people head out to Thailand in search of an amazing nightlife and all the fun that it comes with. The culture of Thailand is such that it attracts tourists from all across the world. Thus we have come out with an amazing nightlife guide in Thailand which is given as follows:

nightlife guide in thailand

  • If you are in mood for partying in Thailand then there are a variety of options for you. You can either head to a beach bar, a club or a lounge. Fridays and Saturdays are particularly busy and are great days if you wish to experience the real atmosphere.
  • If you are just interested in a leisurely dinner, then there are many restaurants to try out. The beach side restaurants are particularly very interesting and have a good ambience.
  • If you are wondering what to wear on a night-out in Thailand then you must know that the type of the place you are headed to dictates the dress code. Due to the tropical climate, people prefer shorts and flip flops even to bars. If you are headed to a prestigious club, then wearing long pants with closed toe shoes are necessary to enter.
  • If you are in a mood to dance in Thailand, then you must know that most of the bars and pubs offer a diversity of western music. Most play a mix of latest hits and hip hop. It is impolite to dance very close.
  • Bangkok and Phuket are particularly known for open bars with lady boys. These clubs are great for single guys and girls. These can be best enjoyed with large groups of people.
  • For singing, karaoke clubs are a great option to try out.