All You Need to Know About Indian Visa on Arrival

In case you ever thought about visiting India for sure you know that it is a difficult and lengthy process to get a visa. However, if everything goes according to plan, the citizens of 40 different countries will be granted a visa at the main airports of India upon arrival.

All You Need to Know About Indian Visa on Arrival

Make it Simple

Simplifying the whole process of getting a visa is a smart move from the Indian officials’ part. While this country has a lot to offer, many people were reluctant about visiting it because of the paperwork. Although India is a large country, it has fewer tourists than the smaller countries, like Malaysia.

Citizens of the World

The countries that citizens of which will receive a visa upon arrival include the UK, U.S., Australia, France, Canada, Germany, Brazil, China, Russia, and other countries. In order to receive their visa, tourists will have to apply online for it once the website will be up and running. Most probably India will use the website model of Sri Lanka.

What do you have to do?

In order to get a VOA you just have to access the official website, fill in the application form, and you have to pay a given fee that you can manage via bank transfer. When you are done with all this you will receive an approval number. Once you arrive, the visa will be stamped into your passport. The good news is that you won’t have to mail your passport and you won’t have to leave it at any embassy for future processing.

The Fortunate People

There are some citizens who could already use the VOA system. This system applies to the people who come from Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia, Finland, Vietnam, and the Philippines.  According to the new system, the people over the age of 60, regardless of which country they come from, will receive their visa upon arrival.

Make a Move

If you ever traveled abroad you might know how frustrating and complicated it is to get a visa. In case you consider this, you will see that making this move is a very wise one from the ministry of tourism’s part. As a result it is very likely that the country will have more international tourists who will boost the local economy.

All in all we can say that you could plan your next vacation to spend some time in India if the website becomes functional until then.