Adventure Sports Guide in Australia

When discussing about the adventurous sports in Australia, you can throw yourself from the planes, can toss yourself around the rivers or oceans or fall off from cliffs – yes you get all these options in this continent. Here you are being guided with some crazy activities for your next holiday trip to Australia.

Hang Gliding

hang glidingSydney will be the most excellent place for hang gliding. It will be great pleasure for adventurous sports lover to fly throughout the beachside cliffs of Bald Hill positioned at Stanwell Park of South Sydney. Either you can go through the whole instruction courses to fly with your pilot license or you can enjoy the enchanting sightseeing for 30 minutes.

Bungy Jumping

This crazy activity originated from a ritual performed at Vanuatu’s Pentecost Island by the young men. They used to jump from 35 meters long tower with tied feet. Bungy jumping can be considered as the modernised version of this where you need to jump from 50 meters high tower and your feet will be tied up with rubber cords.

Hot Air Ballooning

hot air ballooningDespite of your age you can enjoy hot air ballooning into the heavens of sunrise. The most difficult part would be to get up early as most of the flights take off before dawn to get pleasure of morning breeze. Yarra Valley, Hunter Valley would be the most places for this activity.

Sky Diving

If you want to experience the most fearest situation in your life then sky diving would be most appropriate for you. It would be hard to beat your fear while sitting in an open door plane and getting ready to jump simply without any support. The entire activity including flight timing as well as free fall timing would take around 20 – 25 minutes to wrap up.

White Water Rafting

white water raftingThe most suitable destination for river rafting would be the Franklin River of Australia. You will get the opportunity to face the challenges of fluctuated water level and unpredictable weather. It would be the best way to enjoy splendid wilderness adventure.