Enjoy Your Trip To Seoul With Top 5 Activities

The capital of South Korea and located on the Han River, Seoul is a glorious city which has humid continental climate with cold winters. If you are on a vacation to Seoul, there are several things that you can consider doing. Here is a comprehensive list that will help you to make the smartest choice –

activities to enjoy trip to seoul

  • Sightseeing: Seoul is a city which has a huge number of places to explore. Be it the historical palaces or royal shrines, Seoul makes sure that the tourists get to see some of the best places that they have seen in their lifetime. The Unhyeon palace, the Deoksu palace and the Jongmyo shrine are some of the best places that you can visit.
  • Exploring the Museums: Museums are a great way to know about the history of the place. There are several museums all through the city and if you are interested artifacts and history then these museums serve to be the ideal destination. Moreover families traveling with kids also have a glorious way of letting their child learn on the vacation.
  • Enjoy the Parks: Seoul has a number of parks where you can enjoy with your friends and family. Han River Park, Seoul Forest, Seoul Children’s Grand Park are some of the major parks that you can consider visiting. You can enjoy the natural beauty or arrange for a short picnic to make your trip fun.
  • Enjoy the Nightlife: Seoul has the most vibrating night life and with a number of night clubs in the city, you can definitely not ignore this aspect of the city. Lotte World, Jong-no, Jamsil, Hingdae are some of the popular night clubs visited by the tourists.
  • Shopping: Shopping is one activity that you should definitely go for in Seoul. There are a number of malls as well as the local shops where you can get the authentic Korean clothing and other items.

Photo Credit By: en.wikipedia.org