7 Weirdest Food you will find in Asia

Asia is famous for its varied culture and religions, which also introduces us to different types of delicacies. Cuisines have been the important aspect of Asia that has attracted tourists worldwide. There is no mystery that Asian food and other continent food differ when it comes to variety and taste. Variety of flavor is what makes Asian food worth tasting. For instance, India is known for offering a variety of cuisines having varied flavors.

On the other hand, countries like Cambodia, Philippines, Japan and others are known for servings some weirdest foods. Many people born in Asia or visited Asian countries have seen people eating fried eyeballs, dog meat and other on delightful occasion.

7 Weirdest Food you will find in Asia

There has been always a controversy over cuisines served in Asian countries. Let us check some of the weirdest food items you will find in Asian countries:

  1. Shirako Sushi:

Often called as Tachi or Kiku, this Japanese cuisine is actually a fish sperm and is acquired topping for this unique sushi dish. It is generally cooked in raw form and served in many hotels in Japan, but is quite expensive.

  1. Balut:

Pretty much like hard-boiled eggs which are half-fertilized, it is quite a common dish served in the Philippines. Filipinos usually believe them to be aphrodisiacs and often served as a part of snacks. You will basically find partially developed foetus of duck or chicken.

  1. Hachinoko:

It is considered as the most honored dishes in Japanese natives, similar to Shirako, this dish contains a fair amount of unborn children. However, this item carries bite of the sting. The dish is topped with bee larva. Yes! You heard it right. But when in Japan, you will have to bear this type of food on some occasion.

  1. Fried Tarantula:

Yes, the Fried Tarantula, the weirdest one you will find in Cambodia. Legs are crunched like fresh cooked Calamari, but not until the belly of the beast you will come across. Once you poke the belly, a puss filled burst with bitter juices. As you taste the bite, your stomach will certainly going to churn and hair will rise.

  1. Tuna Eyes:

Japan is known for serving some weirdest Asian foods that can be a delicacy for locals, but not for tourist. Ones such is the Tuna Eyes. If you don’t mind looking into the eyes of the food, then do try this food. It comes with added ingredients like garlic and soy sauce.

  1. Chicken Blood Cubes:

Known as a vampire’s favorite snack, Chicken Blood Cuves is quite unique food served in few countries of Asia. According to a few people, hardened blood on the stick is quite tasty. In some restaurants, this dish is served with added flavor.

  1. Bird’s Nest Soup:

One of the bizarre foods in Asia, Bird’s Nest Soup is made out of the nest of the Swiftlet bird, which is one of the most expensive item and hard to find. The weirdest part of the soup is the Swiftlet makes its nest from its own saliva.


Want to try any of the above mentioned food items, if yes, then which one?