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5 Best Asian Destinations for Buddhists

Asia is not just the largest continent in the world but is also the most culturally diverse one. It brings together some very rich cultures and religions and is thus loved by people around the globe. There are many countries and places in Asia which are known for their Buddhist roots and cultures. Southeast Asia […]

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Have a Luxurious Stay In Qatar with these Top 6 Resorts

Qatar is an Arab country which mostly comprises of desert area and a long Persian shoreline of dunes and beaches. The capital of Qatar is Doha which is a futuristic city consisting of skyscrapers, ultramodern architecture and many other interesting things to experience. Qatar is a rich country and has some brilliant resorts and hotels […]

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Top 6 Water Sports Destinations in Asia

When it comes to a beach vacation, then the first thing that comes to mind is water sports.  Besides the usual banana boat rides and water skiing, there are many more and interesting water sports these days. If you are someone who is planning a trip to Asia and wish to enjoy water sports, then […]

complete city guide to ankara, turkey

A Complete City Guide to Ankara, Turkey

When it comes to Turkey, most people think of Istanbul but another beautiful city in this country is Ankara. Ankara may not have places like the Ottoman palace or huge mosques but it is vivacious, lively and offbeat place which combines both modern architecture and rich historical and cultural heritage.  If you are planning to […]

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Top 5 Must-Attend Cultural Festivals in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world and is also the most culturally diverse one. With hundreds of religions and thousands of cultures co-existing in one continent, the continent attracts millions of tourists every year.  Asia celebrates a number of festivals each year, where each one of them celebrates a different fact or occasion. […]

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Best Places to Visit in Ankara, Turkey

Turkey is currently the hottest and most popular travel destinations across the world. Besides Istanbul, which is the preferred travel location for all those who visit this country, even Ankara, Turkey’s capital is a destination worth visiting. It comprises of several must-visit places that are not just beautiful but speak a lot about Turkey’s rich […]

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The Top 5 Resorts to Visit in Georgia

Georgia in US is one of the most popular and well known vacation destinations in the world. Not only does it offer a lot of options in terms of entertainment and holidaying but also has some of the best resorts in the country. From scenic retreats to ocean view wonders and from golf resorts to […]

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7 Surprising Facts about Armenia

Armenia is a nation which is a former soviet republic and lies close to Asia and Europe. It is characterized by many religious sites and tourist attractions and has had an interesting history. It may not be one of the popular or known places in the world but there are many things and facts about […]