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museum of islamic art

The Five Must to Visit Places in Doha, Qatar

Qatar- Doha is one of the most populous cities located on the Persian Gulf and has a lot to offer when it comes to visitors and travelers. There are numerous destinations here which are worth a visit for the travelers who visit this part of the world on business or leisure.The following is a list […]

shwedagon paya, burma

Top 5 Temples to Visit in Asia

The continent of Asia is not only known for the fact that it is the most populated continent of the world, but for the multiple attractions the continent compiles in itself. The boundaries of the continent may not be geographically defined in stone, but the names of few of the most famous, attractive and mesmerizing […]

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Top 4 Family Hotels in Manila

The capital city of Philippines- Manila is one of the most popular regions in the country. It is the centre of business and education in all of the metropolitans of Philippines. This culturally and historically rich city offer many experiences to its visitors and is a good vacation spot with families and friends. For all […]

tips for travelling to bhutan

5 Essential Tips for Travelling to Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the brilliant places that make for amazing vacation spots whether you go out with family members, friends or even colleagues. The place has a perfect balance of historic relevance, mixture of cultures and a topographically rich geography. The multiple monasteries, fortresses and subtropical plains offer up a hugely serene and surreal […]