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The Top Places to Visit in Seoul

If you are planning to visit Korea then there is no way you would want to miss visiting Seoul which is the best and most popular destinations of this country.  Seoul is a great place to relax shop, hang out, eat out and do a lot more.  But among so many attractive places, one can […]

grand mosque

Top Things to Plan in Kuwait

Kuwait is a city state which is among the most contested corners in the world and is an oasis in a land of desert plains.  Due to its rich cultural heritage and beautiful cityscapes, Kuwait attracts a lot of tourists each year and offers them a once in a lifetime experience. It is the perfect […]

useful travel tips for the elderly

5 Important and Useful Travel Tips for the Elderly

Travelling can be as much fun and relaxing for the elderly as it is for the kids and the youngsters. The breathtaking locations, the local cuisine and the feeling of calm and quiet is often relished by older people who have said goodbye to their work commitments and now plan to enjoy their life in […]

bathala island resort

Top Resorts in Maldives for Snorkeling

Maldives is the most preferred and popular islands in the world and is especially famous for its beautiful resorts and the endless white sand beaches. The pristine beauty of Maldives when clubbed with the number of adventure activity options that it offers makes for a perfect destination not just for honeymooners but others as well. […]